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Note: CV In Revision (Updating)

Charlene E. Fairchild

Box 1702, Golden, B.C.

V0A 1H0



1990 Third Year Studies in Political Science (International Relations Theory and Foreign Policy Analysis), Dalhousie University, N.S.

1989 Finished Second Year of an Honours B.A. - Political Science, Dalhousie University. N.S (First Class Standing)

1970 American Stateboard Nursing Exams, Halifax, N.S.

1970 Three Year Diploma Nursing Program, Halifax Infirmary School of Nursing, Halifax, N.S.

1967 Senior Matriculation - Prince Andrew High School, Dartmouth, N.S.


1989 Dalhousie Club of New York Scholarship ($600)

1988 Marjorie F. Ellis Scholarship ($900); George H. Campbell Memorial Scholarship ($1600)


1991 Foster Care Pre-Service Training Program, Metro Toronto Model. Family & Children's Services of Elgin County, St. Thomas, Ontario.

1990 Bereavement Support Group Workshop for Facilitators, Bereavement Resource Council of Elgin, St. Thomas, Ontario.

1985-1984 Amateur Radio Course, Halifax County Continuing Education,N.S.

1981-1971 Inservices at various institutions of nursing employment including: C.P.R.; Nursing Procedures Update; Reality Orientation; Institutional Safety and Psychogeriatrics; Psychotherapeutic Medication; Psychopathology; Intervention (Suicide Prevention, Acting Out Behaviours, etc).


1985 Amateur Radio Operator - "VE1CEA," Department of Communications, Government of Canada.

1990 Registered Nurse - Registered Nurses Association of Nova Scotia.


1997-1990 Freelance writing, editing, typing, and consults: i.e.; resumes, cover letters, papers, correspondence, documentation, speeches, magazine articles, etc.

1990 Registered Nurse (Charge Nurse), Glades Lodge, Halifax, N.S.

1990-1988 Registered Nurse, part-time, on-call for Upjohn Health Care Services, Halifax, N.S.

1986-1982 Homemaker

1985 Polling Captain - Provincial Election, Halifax County, N.S.

1985 Polling Officer - Municipal Election, District Five, Halifax County, N.S.

1984 Enumeration and Polling Officer - Federal Election, Sambro, Halifax County, N.S.

1981 Registered Nurse, Camphill Hospital, Halifax, N.S.

1980-1979 Owner-Operator, Convenience Store, Ketch Harbour, N.S.

1979-1977 Registered Nurse, Parkhaven Estates Nursing Home, Halifax, N.S.

1977-1973 Homemaker

1973 Registered Nurse, Victoria General Hospital, Halifax, N.S.

1973-1971 Registered Nurse, Nova Scotia Hospital, Dartmouth, N.S.


London Conference, London Conference, United Church of Canada

1996-1994 Ethiopia Advisory Committee

1996-1992 Division of Mission

1996-1994 Division of Stewardship

London Conference United Church Women (UCW), London Conference, United Church of Canada

1996-1994 Stewardship Convenor

1996-1992 Member

Elgin Presbytery, London Conference, United Church of Canada

1997-1990 Presbyter and Annual Conference Delegate

1997-1996 Member, Division of Stewardship

1996-1992 Member of Executive

1996-1990 Member, Division of Mission

Elgin Presbyterial - United Church Women

1997-1992 Member Of Executive

1996-1992 President, Elgin United Church Women

1991-1992 First Vice-President

St. John's United, Springfield

1996-1992 Secretary, Evening Unit of the UCW

Halifax Presbytery, Maritime Conference, United Church of Canada

1988-1986 Presbyter and Annual Conference Delegate
Sambro - Long Pond - Jollimore Pastoral Charge

1988-1987 Member, Church-In-Society Committee

1986-1987 Member, Pastoral Oversight Committee

Sambro-Long Pond-Jollimore Pastoral Charge: St. James United, Sambro

1988-1984 Elder and Member of Official Board (Secretary)

1987-1983 President, General United Church Women

1986-1984 Sunday School Superintendent


1996-1995 Worthy Matron: Carnation Chapter # 135, OES

1994-1993 Worthy Matron: Carnation Chapter # 135 , OES

1996-1994 Chaplain, Arkess Rebekah Lodge # 168, Springfield, Ontario

1993-1992 Treasurer
Springfield Women's Institute

1990-1989 Councillor - Arts Representative
Dalhousie Student Union Council
Dalhousie University, N.S.

1990-1989 Member of The Executive
Dalhousie University Arts Society
Dalhousie University, N.S.

1990-1989 Treasurer
Dalhousie University Political Science Society
Dalhousie University, N.S.

1987-1984 Trustee
Sambro - Ketch Harbour Consolidated School
Sambro, N.S.

1987-1984 Alternate Member
Public Participation Committee, District 5 (To draw up development plans and land use by-laws for District 5), Halifax County, N.S.

1986-1985 Vice President
Halifax-Atlantic Liberal Association
Halifax County, N.S.

1981-1980 Chairperson
Ketch Harbour Group Committee, Boy Scouts of Canada
Ketch Harbour, N.S.

1980-1972 Secretary
Ketch Harbour Group Committee

1974-1973 Worthy Matron: Westwood Chapter #63, Order of The Eastern Star


1997-1990 Church - Writing, Speaking, Group Leadership, Bible Study, Programming for UCW.

1997-1995 Elgin-Norfolk Liberal Riding Association; canvassing on behalf of federal MP

1993-1991 Rehoboth Home (Home for unwed mothers) - facilitator, volunteer worker


1998-1992 Carnation Chapter # 135, O.E.S.

1998-1992 Arkess Rebekah Lodge # 168 of Ontario I.O.O.F.

1993-1991 "Mothers Who Care" Ecumenical Prayer Group, Springfield.

1994-1990 Springfield Women's Institute, Federated Women's Institutes of Ontario, Springfield.

1997-1990 United Church Women of St. John's United, Springfield and Corinth United, Corinth.


1992 "In Praise of Anonymous People," The London Conference Bridge, insert of The Observer, November 1992 (Written at the request of Elgin Presbytery, United Church of Canada).

1992 "A Spirit of Fear," The London Conference Bridge, insert of The Observer, March 1992.

1992 "No Strings Attached," The London Conference Bridge, insert of The Observer, January 1992.

1991 "The Awkward Ministries," The London Conference Bridge, insert of The Observer, November 1991.

1991 "Many Kinds of Ministry," The London Conference Bridge, insert of The Observer, September 1991.

1989 "Living In A Rights Shaped World," International Insights: A Dalhousie Journal On International Affairs, vol 5:1, (Halifax, Dalhousie International Insights Society, 1989).


1997 March 7 World Day of Prayer, St. Paul's United, Aylmer, Ontario

1996 Westminister Weekend, London Conference UCW; Workshop on "Spiritual Journalling"

1993 St. John's UCW, Stratford, Ontario; Workshop on "The Practice of the Spiritual Life"

1993 Middlesex Presbyterial UCW Regional Meeting, Putnam, Ontario; Presentation on "Nurturing Roles & Ministries of Women"

1993 St. Paul's UCW, Aylmer, Ontario; Workshop on "Putting on Your Spritual Armour"

1992 November 11th, United Church Women, Straffordville United, Straffordville ("The Eleventh Hour," preparation for Advent).

1992 June 2nd, United Church Women, St. John's United, Springfield ("St. John's United Church Women: Thirty Years of UCW 1962 - 1992").

1992 April 1st, United Church Women, Suburban Pastoral Charge, Talbotville ("Spiritual Renewal").

1992 March 6th, World Day of Prayer, Avon United Church, Avon ("Living Wisely With Creation: Walls That Divide").

1991 November 19th, Malahide United Church Women, Malahide ("Spiritual Renewal").

1991 July 3rd, Homily at worship service, Terrace Lodge, Aylmer ("Blessed is the Nation," a Canada Day meditation).

1991 June 17th, Elgin Presbyterial June Event, Pearce-Williams, Fingal ("Breath of God," guided imagery).

1991 March 1 - World Day of Prayer, St. John's United, Springfield ("On the Journey Together").

1991 February 14 - Homily and Worship, Annual Meeting, Elgin Presbyterial, Straffordville ("Choose Life").

BIBLE STUDIES - (written and led by self)

1993-1991 WOMAN STUDY, exploring women of the Bible.

1991 LEARNING THE BASICS, in conjunction with the "Articles of Faith," in "Basis of Union," The Manual, United Church of Canada.

1990 DISCOVERING MY IDENTITY, looking at values.