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WELCOME. For the curious - and for those who just have to see - we reluctantly allowed a passing traveller to photograph with his digital camera last summer. Unfortunately the camera was not working very well that day and so we don't look as good as we ought to. Go figure!

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NEWS: April 27
Easter has come - and gone! Spring has finally arrived, not only by calendar, but in the buds and blossoms and the wonderful - or should I say unique... - smells that always herald spring's arrival in a farming community. The consolation is that the sinuses do get cleared and the crops sure do grow quickly!

My major project since Easter has been the creation of a page called Under The Juniper Tree. It grew out of the wonderful friendships I have made on the net with Peggy Bohanon and Barbara Sanders (and joined recently by Franziska Santschi of Bedford-Acton Vale Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada) and has led to some very exciting exchanges of meditations, poems, recipes, and prayers, many of which you can get to from this page.


Hectic times indeed - but rewarding. It seems that the process of finding / being called to a new pastoral charge is almost complete. On May 4th a congregation will be voting on the recommendation of their Joint Pastoral Relations Committee to extend a call to me to be their pastor. We are very excited by the prospect - it is an answer to a lot of prayer - and to some personal dreams of ours. For now all we can say is that we will be moving West to the mountains that we love if all goes as we believe God wants it to. We are looking forward to a new ministry but will find saying "Goodbye" here very hard. We have enjoyed our years in Springfield-Corinth Pastoral Charge.

A project of mine since the New Year has been United Online - a grassroots network and page for the United Church of Canada. It is going very well and is proving to be a rewarding ministry to the whole church. Sermons & Sermon - Lectionary Resources remains as one of the driving forces behind Kir-Shalom however. For several weeks now it has been in the top ten of the top 1000 Web Sites in "Webside Story". I am so grateful that it is meeting a clear need in the world of cyberspace among ministers of the gospel.

dragonbirth The picture to the left is by my son Michael who lives in Maple Ridge just outside of Vancouver, B.C. For many years he has shown himself to have inherited the artistic talent that runs in the family. His grandmother Pat is a talented portrait artist who in recent years has specialized in pictures of family pets (mainly cats) and his grandfather John is not bad at sketching cartoon figures of people, ships and other things. Michael's talent skipped a generation - all I have is a critical eye for form and layout - but no ability to actually draw things like Michael has. Anyway, the picture was sent to me by e-mail by my beamish lad and I just wanted to show it, and him, off a little bit. It is called "Dragon Birth" and was composed in 24 bit color (BMP)and converted to a small JPG by yours truly. Say 'hi' to Michael at this address.

NEWS: April 27th, 1997
In the next two months we have to pack up everything and prepare for our move. During that time there are many farewells to make - and plans for securing new housing and such in our new location. As well there is the Annual meeting of London Conference of the United Church where Richard, this year, will be heading up a presentation on Ministry and the Internet, shepherding a couple of Petitions to General Council through the Conference and generally making a nuisance of himself. Charlene is looking forward to the Annual Westminster Weekend where she always does a well received presentation/meditation and enjoys the fellowship and the teachings that are a part of this wonderful time. And of course there are the final meetings of the Oddfellows, the Rebekahs, the Eastern Star, the Church Councils and Boards, the Anniversary Services at Corinth and at St. John's and and and ..... do remember us in your prayers. And don't be surprised if this page is not updated too frequently!
-- Rusty, Harley, Miss Kitty and Thai --
There are four of us. Rusty is the oldest, of somewhat indeterminate age and is a lovely orange in colour. He adopted the Fairchild's the first fall they lived here in 1990 and he was more than fully grown then. He is a loner but affectionate when it suits him. When ticked off he could make a longshoreman blush. Miss Kitty Colours came from Halifax about four years ago when Mark brought her back with him from March Break. She was looking for a change of scenery. Quite precocious for one so young! She is a little butterball, has extra toes and is a calico. Great mouser. She is always leaving presents on the doorstep. Harley (Davidson) is a shy grey-black tiger-stripe with a black saddle. He is always thoughtful looking and occasionally reminds one of a little buddha - as he piled on the weight this summer. Last but not least, a little black kitten with Siamese ancestry joined us in June 1996. His name is Thai. He has effectively taken over the house, bossing or harrassing the rest of us cats with abandon. But, even so, he has a most affectionate nature.

Thai has just been to the Vet for some necessary surgery. He's been "fixed" as they say in some quarters. This minor sugery has been the occasion of a little bit of humour among our online community of friends - the Pot 'O Pastors. Posted for your amusement (and ours):

A sonnet to Thai --

Although you really would rather die
My cats all bid you a really big "Hi!"
What's gone is gone, what's past is past
Now it's just the memories for you that will last.

-- Robert Henry Wadsworth Poe Shortfellow (aka The Stalled VW)

Remembering Thai

Once a man among men
in the realm of kittery
now he sighs in the den
and purrs only intermittently.

-- Grant MacDonald of Grant's Graceland

Ode to Thai

Indeed its sad, and yet to see
a cat crippled, fundamentally
We do not claim to know the best,
But kitties many will get a rest!

-- Geoff Clarke of Geoff's Home Page

Yeah. Me too. (For Grinch - Thai's friend in misfortune)

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
They're taking my "manhood"
and all 10 front claws too!!

-- Karissa of Karissa's House

Karissa talked me into it....
I am not a "cat" person.. but here is my four liner.. From Thai's point of
view or the lack of it....

"A Cool Cat's Lament"

I use to roam to find a "Hon"
cause I just like to tie one on..
Now the other tomcats laugh and scoff..
cause Charlene had them thai one off

-- Anon (aka Ed Rutherford of Orange Hills Assemblies of God

A sonnet from Thai:

I'd rally a bit to give you a word
Say thanks and all, say I've heard
Your good wishes for me to restore
But quoth the Raven, "It's nevermore!"

-- Thai (x - his mark)

We, the Fairchild cats, would like you to get a feel for the Basic Rules for Cats Who Have a House to Run that we swear by. We recommend this site to all our feline friends on the Web. We are still looking for Cat Computer Rules, though. But we have found a link for those with the misplaced intentions of giving cats a bath. Cat Bathing As A Martial Art is sure to put a damper on your desires!

Also, note that while "surfing the Net" recently we have found a few other things for cats and their people. Here's a poem we found quite complimentary to cats. While we're here, are you in need of some relaxation? Do you need some catnip? The next time you're on the computer drop in to The Herbal Cats & Relaxation Express for a break. And a vet we might even like Dr Roen writes a weekly column on cats and - dogs! Enjoy our finds!

I have finally put up a page devoted to computer progamming and data manipulation. As I learn, more and more items will be added. This is the way to Mark Fairchild's Active X and Programming Gallery. It contains examples of Active-X controls, scripting, and programming items. My latest program for the WWW is Web Palette, an Active X script that allows you to choose background, text, and link colors for home pages and post the results into your HTML editor while on-online. I hope you find it useful.
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Richard John Fairchild
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We hope that you find this page interesting. If you detect any problems or just want to make comment, please e-mail us.
-- Shalom, Richard
-- L'Chaim, Charlene





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