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Creative Closing For Ordinary 29 - Year A
by George Hartwell

Written by George Hartwell, 'Creative Closings' provide the preacher and liturgist with a way to lead the congregation to a deeper experience of the message of the selected Revised Common Lectionary text or texts for the day.   'Creative Closings' follow the sermon or homily and most often pick up on the theme of one of the sermons provided on the 'Sermons & Sermon - Lectionary Resources' site (as referenced in the 'the thematic background').   Each Creative Closing can also stand on it's own and might be used as well in a devotional or bible study session.

If this Creative Closing is of use to you please fell free to utilize it, but reproduction electronically or in print requires the author's authorization.   George Hartwell would also like to hear your response to this resource.   You may see George's web site at or write him at


READING:  Matthew 22:15-22

THEMATIC MATERIAL (from: Unto Caesar):  
    "Because Jesus did not fit their image of who the Messiah would
    be, or what a truly Holy person would say and do, they rejected
    him, so missed out on a great spiritual adventure."

PRINCIPLE:  To respond to what God wants to do in our hearts we
must not be stuck in black and white categories, or judge people by
externals, like religious language, or box God in to our own narrow
conception, but be open hearted toward God – to really listen.  For
one cannot love without listening.

RESPONSE:  This sermon triggers self-examination and pleads for 
an open mind and an open heart to God

A simple Creative Closing to this sermon could simply ask the 
listener to take a few minutes to listen to the Word of God and 
meditate upon it in one’s heart. “In our time of silence meditate 
in your heart upon today’s word.”

Alternatively one could add more content to the Creative Closing
leading in to a time of quiet meditation:  “In our time of silence 
make note of the ways that you have put God in a box, look at the
ways you categorize too quickly your fellow Christian believer, 
tell God that you want to open your mind to news ways of thinking 
and your heart to listen to Him.  Let us reflect in silence on 
today’s readings and today’s sermon.”

copyright - George Hartwell, 2002 
            Page by Rev. Richard J. Fairchild 2002 - 2005
            please acknowledge the appropriate author if citing these resources.

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