A Homily For Trinity Sunday - Year A
Friar Sydney Mascarenhas. O.F.M., Ph.D

     The following Homily is provided by Friar Sidney as a way
     of enriching the ministry of the Word as presented through
     this web site.  Friar Sidney, who has spent much of his
     ministry in India, is currently a Professor of Philosophy
     in Rome.  He can be reached at smascarenhas@ofm.org.  The texts
     used by Friar Sydney come from the Roman Lectionary - which in
     most points agrees with the Revised Common Lectionary.

Exodus 34:4-4b, 6:8-9; 2 Corinthians 13:11-13; John 3:16-18  

We celebrate today, a Feast that is both very great and mysterious. It was
so great that like anything great, it caused splits  within the Church
about its formulation. And like anything that is mysterious, it is a source
of unbelief for some.  But anything mysterious can also be something truly
commanding.  All the more reason, then, for all Believers to meditate upon
this great and  mysterious Feast.   

Dear friends, we celebrate today this great and mysterious Feast which has
been the source of splits among Christians. In other words, the Belief in
the Most Holy Trinity has been a cause for both belief and unbelief. It has
been a cause of Division among believers.  

Is that not strange! Even the very Life of God has been the cause of
division among humans!  I sometimes wonder whether God is really strange
or, whether we humans are very strange. Let us, therefore, like Moses
approach this strange spot that keeps burning among us.  For the moment,
let us leave the climate and soil where all kinds of arguments thrive. Let
us enter this Sanctuary which has been opened to us by no one less than the
Most High Himself.  Let us allow His Presence to take hold of us. Let us
listen to His Word destined for us. Let us share His Spirit given to us. 
Is not the God we believe in, the One who made all things in heaven and on

Is not the God we believe in, the One who called us His sons and daughters? 
Is not the God we believe in, the One who commands all life?  Is not the
God  we believe in, the Source of all Life, Creative and Merciful towards
us?  Is not the God we believe in, more like a Father to all of us?  Is not
the God we believe in, the One who came and made His Dwelling among us?  Is
not the God we believe in, the One who said: Father, forgive them...?  Is 
not the God we believe in, the Light, the Truth and the Way for us?  Is not
the God we believe in, a Brother to us?  Is not the God we believe in, the
One who inspires us? Is not the God we believe in, the Spirit and Life to
us?  Is not the God we believe in, the source of Love, Wisdom and Mission
for us?  Is not the God we believe in, our Santifier, our Vivificator and
our Consoler?  

Thus we behold this God of ours: He acts as three, but He is one.  Rather
than dispute this, let us realize that the World looks to each of us to
share His Creative, Redemptive and Sanctifying activity in this Sanctuary
of His which He has entrusted to us --- the Earth.  

What greater calling can we have as Christians?  What greater dignity could
be entrusted to us humans by this Triune God of ours?  By this shall we be
judged: Have we been to the World, Creative, Redemptive and Sanctifying? 
Do we live in the World as its co-creators, its co-redeemers and its
sanctifiers?  Or, are we just the World's abusers, scourgers and pollutors?

That is something that each one of us should ask ourselves today. If the
Triune God is our Model of Relationship, then, we cannot be the Earth's
Abuser, Scourge and Pollutor.  We need to act as the Earth' s creative
Guardian, the Earth's redemptive children, and the Earth's enlivening
inspirers.  The Earth is a Home of the Triune God. The Triune God is the
Model of our human Society.  What a wonderful Life!  We bless and thank
you, O holy Trinity, for this great model of Life and Society on the Earth! 


copyright - Friar Sydney Mascarenhas 1999
            Rev. Richard J. Fairchild - Spirit Networks, 1999 - 2006
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