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The following sites consist of Children's Sermons and Lessons which primarily follow the Revised Common Lectionary.   Nonetheless, because of the dearth of Children's Resources for Lectionary Preaching on the Net, there are some non-lectionary scripturally indexed resources listed here. The reader will note that most of our original sermons and liturgies for the three year lectionary cycle include a children's story or lesson which can be accessed through the Year A, B, and C pages listed on our main page. If you know of a good link, please write us (brett @ with your suggestion.
  • Children's Sermons: An excellent site from one of the earlier members of the Internet Community. A comprehensive set of lectionary based Children's Stories on a site which is now a Commercial site. (Jan 01)

  • Children's Bulletins: Activity Bulletins for children following the Lectionary and usable in sunday school, children's church, or the adult worship service.

  • Children's Activity Sheets For The Lectionary: Activities for Children based on the Revised Common Lectionary - pre-formatted (PDF files). A free and helpful offering at Bass Mitchell's "Homilies by E-Mail" site. (May 04)

  • Children's Sermons Following The Lectionary: Part of Roland McGregor's "Preaching The Lectionary" site (as listed in "RCL in Advance"), these are mainly "stories" rather than object lessons. No archive is present - but the stories are well in advance and Roland delivers materials by e-mail to all who chose to subscribe to his list. (Apr 99)

  • Fridge Art: This seasonally arranged site features fun family centered activities designed to bring the liturgical life of church into the home, and teach children about living the Catholic faith. From the folks at "Domestic Church Dot Com" We really like this page. (Dec 99)

  • Kidology: A commercial site with a fair bit of "free" material. Look for "The Object Lesson Zone" in the left hand frame under the section titled "Free". There are are goodies on the site as well. All part of what is billed by the creator, Karl D. Bastian, as the largest inter-active children's ministry site on the web. (Sep 99)

  • Kids Church: A free section of Father Max Bower's site (which provides study books and kids church materials) that provides weekly ministry ideas for family services based on the lectionary texts. Well worth checking each week. Click on "This Week's Information" (May 01)

  • Lectionary Puzzles: Reg McMillan has written a program to create simple word search puzzles for use in bulletins and newsletters. You can download the puzzles for each Sunday from his site. The puzzles are posted well in advance and are very useful for Sunday School classes and so forth. (Sep 03)

  • Scripts and Worship Orders for Family Services: A small, but growing list of scripts and worship orders for family services as prepared by the Rev. Dr. Edgar Mayer of the Lutheran Church of Australia. Good puppet dialogues. (Sep 00)

  • Sermons 4 Kids: A very helpful site by Charles Kirkpatrick, now with a new name and its own domain. The object lessons are scripturally indexed and the site contain a seasonal or special occasion index as well. This collection is very good and includes many features, including a weekly mailing called "Sermon of The Week". Recommended! (Jul 01)

  • updated.gifTalks To Children: This site continues to expand and grow. It is now database driven. It has very good "object lessons" arranged in a variety of ways for ease of access. There is both an Alphabetical Index and a Seasonal Index as well as a current Sunday link. Rev Donald McCorkindale of the Church of Scotland (and his contributors) are doing a wonderful job in an area where there seems to be too few workers. (Jun 04)

  • The Children's Chapel: A ministry of The Lorain County Free-Net Chapel this site "Bible Stories For Children" page features stories by various authors. Each story contains a retelling of the Bible story, a memory verse, a prayer, and a picture which can be printed out for kids to color. In Biblical order and by main character. (Jul 01)

  • Word-Sunday: A Catholic Resource For The Lectionary. This site includes an Adult Study and Children's Story as well as a Family Activity and links to various resources week by week. Larry Broding posts several days in advance and maintains a complete archive. Very helpful. (Apr 00)

  • Faith At Home: While not an object lesson or RCL Children's Story page as such, this page may prove helpful to you. Barbara Laufersweiler, who created thus site writes that here you can explore and enjoy your faith with your kids! Great ideas for playtime, story telling, Godly play, art, music, family traditions, recipes, lots more. Tips for Sundays, church seasons, and holy days. Parenting articles, books and resources, a free ezine. (Jun 01)

  • God's Children: A set of links found in the ELCIC's "Lift Up Your Hearts" site. These links cover such topics as welcoming children to worship, how to teach the Lord's prayer, how to include children in prayers and so forth. Wait for the whole page to load to get to this section automatically. (Sep 99)

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