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There are only three ways that a page or product gets listed here. The first of these is historical (high quality preaching or liturgical sites that were free and later became commercial); the second is by continual recommendation by you the readers; and the third is through the personal knowledge of the product and/or the product's creators. Many of the sites listed fall into all three categories. Kir-Shalom does not accept advertising as such and we do not profit from the sale of the products or services listed below. Some of the following sites have, however, sponsored our work in one fashion or another.(Feb 03)
  • eSermons and Childrens Sermons. Developed by Brett Blair. For various fee levels you gain access to the material online and receive new material by e-mail. There are some free resources, including a sermon "illustrations" mailing. (May 00)

  • Bass Mitchell's Preaching, Teaching & Bible Study Resources site. This site features the works of one of the pioneers of internet preaching resources. Bass runs several services from the site - including "Bible Studies by E-Mail"; "Homilies by E-Mail", "Kids Sermons by E-Mail" etc. Bass is a prolific writer and a published author. Check out the site and/or send e-mail to Bass at for more information. (Feb 01)

  • Children's Bulletins: Biblically based puzzles and games to reinforce each week's bible lesson and vocabulary. These are traditional four page worship bulletins with Bible focused activities. They are downloadable in Adobe so there's no need to keep track of them. (Jan 06)

  • CSS Publishing: Home of various services - both electronic and print, CSS Publishing has for many many years provided excellent children's time resources for the RCL (including Wesley Runk's works) as well as many other preaching and worship aids and guides for seasonal and lectionary use. "The Immediate Word" and "Story Share" are two of the main RCL resources offered electronically at this time. Previews are available. (Jul 03)

  • Deacon Sil's Homiletic Resources: From one of the pioneers of providing preaching and liturgical resources on the Net. Deacon Sil prepares well in advance and posts by lectionary date. The site has a useful "thematic index" and many other features, including an extensive list of stories and illustrations. There is an annual fee to access the site after a 30-day free trial period during which you can check out all of its resources for yourself. Deacon Sil also has a bookstore to help support the website and keep subscription costs down. (Aug 01)

  • Dynamic Preaching: Because I have occasional reference to works by King Duncan it seems appropriate that this site be listed. 'Dynamic Preaching' has helped me more than once. (Dec 02)

  • Keeping The Faith in Babylon: is a high quality lectionary based pastoral resource for "Christians in and out of the institutional church" by Barry Robinson of "Fernstone" in Lion's Head, Ontario. Barry writes: "Keeping The Faith in Babylon... is a word of hope from a pastor in exile to those still serious about discipleship in a society (and, too often, a church) that has lost its way." This resource features a full sermon text, biblical resource materials, study questions and suggestions for further reflection and devotion. Samples and pricing information are available on the Web Page or directly from Barry at Recommended. (May 00)

  • Kir-Shalom - Cokesbury Virtual Bookstore: Cokesbury is an annual sponsor of this site. This link takes you to their bookstore for our site. Your use of this link gets you to some excellent print and physical resources. Cokesbury provides weekly lectionary and seasonal print resources that are not available from other sites. (Apr 00)

  • Desperate Preacher's Site: A very helpful site that seeks dialogue to help create sermons for upcoming Lections. This site, online since 1996, used many of our links and concepts from it's inception. Frank Schaefer has an articulate vision and DPS continues to grow and evolve, providing many useful features to its subscribers. (Jun 03)

  • Lectionary.Org: A commercial site that is linked to "" and which provides weekly exegesis on the gospel, a sermon, a true story, thought provokers, and hymn suggestions. Sample exegesis for the upcoming sunday is often found on the home page. Materials are e-mailed to the subscribers. Edited by Richard Donovan. A SPANISH language edition is also available. (Aug 02)

  • Sermon Selections: Found under "Writings" on the web page of Rev. Dr. Thomas Mowbray, various inexpensive CDs are offered featuring each year of the RCL and other sermon and prayer resources. (Jan 05)

  • SermonWare House from Voicings Publications. Celebrating their 30th anniversary, Voicings Publications' site now offers a searchable 2 million word sermon database keyed to the Lectionary! Users can select a sermon to preview by choosing a Lectionary date, Scripture, Topic, Keyword or any word or phrase. Guests can purchase as few as one sermon. Also available are full-text sample sermons, sample sermon illustrations, a special email subscription offer and information about the "Sunday Sermons CD ROM Collection" of more than 1,100 lectionary based sermons, covering 7 full cycles of the Lectionary. (Aug 99)

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