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These list servers are capable of overloading your mail boxes with hundreds of notes a week. But they are useful forums and many good ideas are posted each week of the year. Some of them have digest features that make handling the number of notes much easier.
  • LECTION-LIST: A helpful lectionary preaching discussion list server, and one of the oldest running on the Net. Formerly moderated by Paul Woodhouse, the list is now at a new address. To join the list, please send a blank email to To check the list web page go to Lectionary List at (Jan 02)

  • MIDRASH: This is a lively, friendly, discussion and sharing around the lectionary texts. The aim is to share the wealth of our insights and knowledge to discover the spirit-filled preaching agenda. Go to Logos Productions and look for the the menu category Free Information, and then click on Worship and Preaching to get aboard with Midrash and other resources. Midrash is an interactive list and has a subscription link on the Worship and Preaching page. After you join you will then receive all postings to the list and instructions on how to contribute. Other resources listed on this page that you can receive include "Ralph's Resource Barrel" and which you can view are "Music and The Lections" (hymns for the Upcoming Sundays) and a free weekly Children's Sermon. (Jan 05)

  • PRCL-L: The archive page of the "Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary - List", a list which seeks to provide an opportunity for clergypersons from many different social locations and Christian traditions to study and discuss the weekly Revised Common Lectionary texts and to discuss and exchange ideas and suggestions for planning weekly worship based on these texts. To subscribe to PRCL-L go to the page listed above and click on "join or leave the list" and follow instructions. This is one of the very few e-mail lists where both sermon ideas and liturgies are shared, and it is one of the oldest lists on the Net. Recommended (Mar 03)

  • WORSHIP-RCL is a Lectionary-Inspired Worship & Devotion e-mail Forum begun by the Rev. John Maynard in Australia. The purpose of the forum is to provide an opportunity for worship leaders from many different social locations and Christian traditions to exchange worship resources, liturgies, songs, prayers, poems, and other worship ideas, based on the Revised Common Lectionary; and to study and discuss issues that arise from Lectionary-related worship in the localised setting. Membership to this forum is free. To subscribe send mail to In the message body type: "SUBSCRIBE WORSHIP-RCL Your Name". Subsequent postings to the Forum go to: Recommended John also provides a page called Stepping Stones which lists various resources on the Net for Worship and Preaching. (Mar 03)

These MAIL LISTS are for the most part, one way -- you subscribe and receive a weekly mailing with resources that are useful to you or a notice of where to get those resources. This is far less overwhelming than a LIST SERVER (even though some of the sources may send more than one mailing a week).
    Homily Service Hosting all the works of Father Daniel Meynen. Available in English, French, and Spanish (with a three year archive of homilies). Father Daniel's homilies for the upcoming Sunday are available by weekly e-mail as well and can obtained by subscribing from the above site. Also contains sermons from other authors on a regular basis as this site serves as a host. (Jan 00)

  • Sermon Fodder: The list shares a daily dose of Christian humor and modern-day parables for personal enjoyment. The material is often used as sermon illustration material by pastors and Sunday School Teachers. While not an RCL specific list it is useful. To subscribe send an e-mail to: or go to and manage your subscription from there. (Sep 04)

  • Sermons From Ray Osborne: Ray has been sending out his RCL Sermons in Advance by e-mail for a number of years - usually by Wednesday Evening. Now at Rhyne Heights UMC, Ray continues to mail and to archive his sermons. This page is where you can sign up to his sermon mailing list - or explore his archives. We recommend his work to you. (Jun 02)

  • Sermons From The United Church of Espanola: The Rev. Kim Gilliland prepares, delivers and posts a Sermon on Tuesday on the texts for the upcoming Sunday. Often highly narrative in style. Liturgical materials are also posted. This is a very good start for the coming week! Now with an e-mail option. (Oct 99)

  • The Preachers Exchange : From Jude Siciliano, O.P., this page features the instructions as to how to receive the weekly mailing First Impressions (Volumes 1 and 2) and links you to the Preacher's Exchange Forum. Recommended. (Feb 00)

  • upcomingsundaysUpcoming Sundays: Our own "Sermons & Sermon - Lectionary Resources" weekly mailing that notifies you when our original sermons and liturgies for the upcoming sunday are posted to the Net (generally on Tuesday evenings) and which also provides site news. To subscribe send e-mail to with the words "Upcoming Sundays" in the Subject line and your first and last names and your church name and location in the body of the text - or click on the graphic here and fill in the form. (Aug 01)

  • ani-new.gifWeekly Reflection for Creative Souls: A one way list from Connie Schroeder who works with one of the weekly lectionary passages early in the week (usually between Sunday and Tuesday) and mails out the results to those who write her at She usually shares a story or two, sometimes poems or songs she has written, prayers, liturgies, and usually a list of about 6-7 artistic activities you can do during the week to go a bit deeper into the text. Connie has a website called Creative Companions which you can check out. (Jan 05)

  • Weekly Sermons From Chris Heath. Chris, of the Anglican Church of Australia, sends out his sermons well in advance each week and has been doing so for many years. People can now join the list via email simply by sending a a personal e-mail note to: Chris writes that all offerings remain free and people are welcome to use them or argue against them as they wish, without acknowledgement. (Apr 02)

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