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The following sites consist of Scripturally Indexed Sermon Sites that come to us from folk who, by and large, do not use the Revised Common Lectionary.   RCL sermon sites that publish in advance are listed on the main page of "Sermons & Sermon - Lectionary Resources" and their archives, if any, are usually searchable by either the "lectionary date" in which a particular passage is found, or they have a scriptural index page for their archive.

It is wonderful to be able to search out sermons and studies by scriptural reference. If you want your Sermon Site listed here, you will be advised to create an index page that lists your sermons by biblical reference - and in biblical order of appearance.

Our Own Index
  • A Word For Today - Index: The Scriptural index for the daily devotional site "A Word for Today". Peggy Hoppes has been posting devotions since August 1999 and has an extensive and helpful index - and many more pages of interest. (Aug 02)

  • Cross and Crown Sermons A large collection of expository style sermons by Dr. James McCullen. There are a variety of ways to access the sermons from this page, including OT and NT indexes - which are near the bottom of the page. Jim also has a most interesting links page that is, in greater part, arranged by Biblical Book. (Feb 02)

  • gc button.gifGospel Chapel Scriptural Index: A fast developing page that scripturally indexes the daily devotionals and sermon outlines that are a part of the Gospel Chapel Ministry of Ralph Bouma in Conrad, Montana. A helpful site for those researching by scriptural passage. (Jul 98)

  • Ken Collins Scripture Index: Index to Ken's writings. The site contains insightful comments on many of the sunday lectionary passages. Ken has been at this a long time (listed here Jan. 97) and his site is well worth the visit. Recommended. (Jan 03)

  • Mitcham Parish Sermon Archive: These predominately lectionary sermons, primarily from Canon Nigel Mitchell, are arranged by by both text and by date. Well worth a look since the page is kept up to date and the archive is growing well. (Sep 03)

  • Past Sermons From Timothy ELCA: The scriptural index page for the sermons of Carla Thompson Powell whose inclusive theology and strong preaching style make this a site worth checking out. (Jun 02)

  • Phil & Lythan's Worship Page: The Revs. Phil and Lythan Nevard of the United Reformed Church (England) are in the process of creating a comprehensive set of scriptural indexed sermons from their use of the RCL and SALT. The page will also include liturgical helps (prayers etc). (Aug 99)

  • Piper's Notes: The scriptural index page for Sermons by Dr. John Piper of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis. John is author of several books of sermons and about preaching. The index catologues several years of his sermons. (Apr 00)

  • Reformed Sermons: A collection of reformed sermons, outlines, articles and lectures, from contemporary Reformed pastors. Biblical material searchable by topic, Scripture, sermon title, etc. (Oct 98)

  • Resource Pages For Biblical Studies: Resources for exegesis - Scholarly in nature. The focus is on the early Christian writings and their social world. (Apr 02)

  • Resources For Pastors & Teachers: Contains original scripturally indexed sermons by Greg Munro, Assistant Minister at Willoughby Anglican Church.

  • Search God's Word - Heartlight.Org: While not leading to "sermons" as such, this search page from HeartLight.Org allows you to access multiple commentaries and helps for user selected scripture references and to use various biblical study tools as they pertain to the passage you are interested in. Multi-lingual helps also available.(Jul 02)

  • Sermon Archive: From the Sanctuary of the Union Church of LaHarpe IL. Weekly sermons, indexed by passage, preached by "book of the bible" by Rev. Rev. Bruce Goettsche.


  • Sermons From Seattle: One of the best new sermon sites to come along - Rev. Ed Markquart presents his lectionary sermons, his seasonal sermons and his scripturally indexed sermons and sermon series in a clear and concise fashion. The cycle for Year C is being completed week by week and Years A and B will be posted and left on the site in due course. Definitely worth checking out. (Oct 04)

  • Sermon Central: New and Revised. Thousands of sermon outlines, complete sermons, and textual studies assembled by Pastor John Kapteyn of the First Reformed Church, Chatham, Ont. Indexed by scripture passage and uses a variety of sources and authors. This is a major site! (Sept 98)

  • Sermon Links Dot Com; First listed in December 2000, this link takes you directly to the scriptural index of the site. The site contains listings of sermons (and sermon outlines) as collected by a database to which you can make submissions. The collection continues to grow and is most useful. (Jan 02)

  • Sermons by Dr. Russell Metcalfe Jr.: As compiled and posted by Mark Metcalfe. Dr. Metcale's sermons have been listed here since February of 1998 and the collection continues to grow week by week. The sermons are scripturally indexed. A mailing list is available. (Feb 03).

  • Sermons By J. David Hoke: Expository Sermons and Various Sermon Series (most series scripturally indexed) by the pastor of New Horizons Community Church, Voorhees, NJ (Aug 99)

  • updated.gifSermons by Pastor Ken Gehrels: A large and growing collection of scripturally indexed sermons from the Christian Reformed Church tradition. Ken also presents seasonal and topical sermons. Ken's materials are helpful and well presented. Originally listed in 1999 the site continues to grow and expand. (Feb 01)

  • Sermons by Rev. Dr. Mickey Anders: Dating from early 1999 these mostly RCL Sermons preached at Pikeville First Christian Church in Kentucky are arranged by the main scripture used. Dr. Anders has most of the three year cycle covered and is continually adding to the collection. Well worth the look. (Jul 04)

  • Sermons From the Rev. Jim Pye Now with his own domain name, Jim presents RCL, BCP and SALT sermons indexed according to scripture passage. Jim has been posting his material in advance since 2001 and has an extensive scriptural archive of sermons. Jim now has an illustrations page as well.(Jan 05)

  • Sermons of Rev. Peter J. Blackburn: A biblically-arranged archive of sermons, as well as Peter's "recent sermons" (many of which are lectionary-based). Peter's extensive collection of RCL text sermons are available and/or are being posted currently - though the date of posting may not be that of the lectionary sequence. (Oct 01)

  • Sermons of Victor Shepherd: Over three hundred scripturally indexed sermons (and more added each week) by the Rev. Dr. Victor Shepherd, an expert on the thought and ministry of John Wesley and one of Canada's most well known preachers and scholars. (Sep 02)

  • Sermons, Stories & Illustrations Scripturally indexed sermons from Pastor Shelton Cole of Faith Baptist Church, now at a new address.

  • The Interpretation of Biblical Texts: From Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, a guide to exegesis and interpretation. Read and contribute to the Exegetical Study of the Common Lectionary. Please follow the rules of engagement.

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