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A Virtual Web Family

Pot 'O Pastors

Pastor's Plus

A collection of some very special friends.

Over the past almost three years it has been my privilege and my joy to belong to and become part of a very special virtual community called, fondly by its members, The Pot. We do most of our communicating via e-mail but, occasionally, the snail mail or the phone augment our daily "touching base" with each other. Some of us have even visited with each other face-to-face. We have come to know extended family members as well. We have shared our joys and sorrows, our triumphs and our failures. We "rib" each other ruthlessly, yet, we pray daily and sometimes hourly, for each other. Some of us have even met. The dream and hope of all of us is to one day meet, maybe even have a family reunion. For a unique perspective on this family you have to check out our fearless Matriarch's take on us at Pot 'O Pastors.

Pot Devotions

From the Women of the Pot

Words From The Well from Peggie.
From The Master's Table from Barb
Une Source D'Eau Pure from Franziska.
Under The Juniper Tree from Charlene.
Sous Le Genęt Isolé from Franziska Santschi.

From the Men of the Pot

Weekly Whatchamacallit: from Grant.
Heavenly Top Ten: (Warning: Humour! *grin*)
Inside Out! with Moccodies from Papa J.
Things Above from Jim Dewar.
Coffee, and a Sunset at the Lighthouse from Eric.
Insight From Scripture another from Papa J.
The Doctor's Office: From Ed Urzi

Pot Special Pages

Jerry Ray Sings Grandma's Songs from Papa J.
Heavenly Top Ten from Grant.
Ministry Trick of the Month from Eric.
Life Changing Stories from "Father" Ed.
Happy Birthday Peggy!
Happy Birthday Baby!: For Peggie, from Vickie of Pavers Nest

Pot Seasonal & Holiday Pages


Christmas Celebration: Grant
A Holy Christmas: Charlene
A Top Ten Christmas at Peggie's Place
Christmas: Ed Urzi.
'Tis The Christmas Season: Barb

New Year's

New Year's: Barb


Valentine Love Letters from Peggie's Place
Valentine's Day: Ed Urzi
Valentine Day: Barb


Easter Reflections: Grant
A Holy Easter: Charlene
Twas the Night Before Easter: Peggie
Easter: Ed Urzi
Christ is Risen!: Barb
Easter Pictorial on the Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ: Ed Rutherford
Where Would You Like To Be?: PapaJ

Mother's Day

MamaQuest: Peggie
A Tribute to Mother: Barb

Father's Day

PapaQuest: Peggie
Honor Thy Father: Barb

Fourth of July

Canada Day

Remembrance Day

We Will Remember Them: Charlene

Veteran's Day


Thanksgiving: Barb

In The News

Touching The World Wide Web: Magazine article. Woman's Touch magazine; Volume 24, Number 2; March/April 2000. As seen on the archive section of the Assemblies of God website.

Pot Cooking

Come and Dine from Charlene.
Barbara's Homecookin' from Barbara.
Peggie's Kitchen from Peggie Bohanon.
Karissa's Kitchen from Karissa.

Homeless Pot Persons (no Homepages Yet)

  • Karyn: Remains the ONLY one without a web home! This injustice MUST be fixed!

Pot E-Mail

Barb at Barbara's Entourage.
Bob(Stalled VW) at The Stalled One's
Duane (TxT) still homeless.
"Father" Ed at Orange Hills.
Ed "New Yawk" Urzi with "stuff" for teens.
Eric (Mr. Tricky) at Illustrated Illusions.
Geoff at Geoff's Homepage.
Grant at Grant's Graceland.
Papa J at Inside Out! and Insight.
Karissa at Karissa's House.
Karyn another homeless person.
Bayou Lou at The Grace Place.
Peggie at Peggie's Place.
Richard at Sermons & Sermon-Lectionary Resources.
Franziska at Sous Le Genet Isole.
Charlene at Under The Juniper Tree.

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