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Professionally Written Christmas & Christmas Eve Resources

We pray that you will find this site to be a blessing as you celebrate Advent and Christmas.
From Richard & Charlene Fairchild at Kir-Shalom to you:
- A very blessed and holy Christmas Greeting -


Part II

Christmas Art Christmas Clipart Christmas Recipes Food Safety Fascinating Odds & Ends Christmas Lists Christmas Crafts Christmas Greetings Christmas Flowers & Plants Christmas Safety Christmas Trees Christmas Specialty Products & Gifts & Contests Christmas Humour Interactive, Bulletin Boards, Games, Software Articles On Stress & Coping Dealing With Holidays Some Special Circumstances Some Special Circumstances Secular Indexes & Guides Christmas For Children Other Christmas Homepages New Year's Customs New Year's Resolutions New Year's Reflections Epiphany Season The Wisemen The Baptism of Jesus

Advent Calendars Advent Candlelighting Advent & Christmas Prayer Advent Wreath: Customs & Prayers Advent Preparations Advent Meditations Advent: Other Advent & Christmas Sermons Who is Jesus? Where It Took Place Biblical Accounts & Studies Christmas History & Traditions Christmas Eve Customs Christmas Eve Services Christmas Day Special Days Special Christmas Indexes Special Friends: Pot 'O Pastors Special Christmas Pages Christmas & Advent Hymns &: Carols Christmas MIDIs Christmas Poems Christmas Classics: Stories Christmas Stories: Dr. Ralph Wilson Christmas Legends Christmas Dramas Christmas Meditations Various Articles Special Projects Specials: Presentations, TV Shows, Etc. Books and Movies Chat Christmas Quizzes, Puzzles, Games Joyeux Noel a Quebec et L'Acadiens Special Places Christmas Card Pages Special International Christmas Pages Australian Christmas Pages Chanukah Resources Kir-Shalom Resources Christmas Travel Christmas At War Aspects Of Christmas

"A People Who Dwelled In Darkness Have Seen A Great Light"
O Star Of The East
Christmas Art
The Madonna Collection
Christmas Images
Christmas Murals: David J. Hetland.
Christmas Angels: To download or print.
The Annunciation: Links Collection: From Jenee Woodard at The Text This Week.
Madonna: Links Collection
Magi: Links Collection
Mystical And Enthroned Madonna

Christmas Clipart
Pegasus Realm: Beautiful work!
Christmas Clipart: From The Mining Company, an index.
Kenny's Christmas Lights
Holiday Selections From Enchantress Graphics.
Christmas Pictures To Colour Impressive collection of colouring pages. Good imagery.
Kate.Net's Printable Gift Tags
Holiday Coloring Pages
Art 4 Christ: Fine Art & Free Graphics
CloudEight Christmas Selections: Stationary, screensavers and quicknotes.
Christmas Gifts: Good collection in a cartoon style of drawing.
Snowman Clipart: From Christmas-Graphics.

Christmas & Hanukkah Recipes & Entertaining
Christmas Recipes
Mimi's Christmas Cookie Archive
A History of Gingerbread
Chestnut Pate: With instructions on roasting chestnuts.
Butterball Turkeys
Talking Turkey
Norbest Turkey Marketing Co-op
Gingerbread House
Christmas Recipes From Hacker's Kitchen
New Orleans Oyster Dressing
Rock Candy
Christmas Recipesupdated
A Holiday Cookbook
Joelle's Christmas Fruitcake
Menu And Recipes For Christmas Open House
Island Christmas Recipes: Prince Edward Island, Canada.
Eagle Brand Recipes
Christmas Recipes From Hacker's Kitchen
Hanukkah Recipes
Favourite Christmas Recipes
Christmas Calendar Of Cookies: From Peppermint Lane. Each day a new recipe.
Christmas Calendar Of Candies: From Peppermint Lane. Each day a new recipe.

Food Safety
Food Safety For The Holidays: From Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
Food Safety Facts On Turkey
Food Safety Facts On Leftovers
Other Food Fact Pamphlets
Christmas Food Safety

Fascinating Christmas Odds & Ends
Swedish Christmas Chemistry: Info about the composition of foods, trees, spices, etc.
In Praise Of Snow: A more-or-less scientific treatise on snow.
Say Merry Christmas in 350+ Languages
Christmas Creek: Canadian geographic place names related to Christmas.
Christmas Links
FabricLink's Holiday Stain Removal Guide
Urban Legends Christmas Reference
Golden Glow of Christmas Past; Collectors.
Pinecone Fireplace Colors
How Photograph Holiday Lights
To Be Born On Christmas: A web page dedicated to Christmas babies!

Christmas Lists
Christmas at OneList: Go to this page and follow the instructions. Discussion relating to anything about Christmas. Crafts, gift ideas, decorations, celebrations, recipes. Share ideas with one another and have some fun!

Christmas Crafts
Candle And Soap Making Instructions
Cabbey's Candle Making Simply
Pretzel Wreaths
Christmas Crafts
Making Christmas Bows
Woman's Day Magazine Crafts: Penguins
Woman's Day Magazine Crafts: Christmas Crafts 1
Woman's Day Magazine Crafts: Christmas Crafts 1
Wreaths, wreaths, & more wreaths: How to make wreaths for all occasions.
Christmas Crafts: Colouring books, cards to make, gift tags, 3-D manger.

Christmas Greetings
Prince Edward Island Greeting Card Centre
White House Christmas 1996: Thanks to the Internet Archives!
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
Cybergrace Greeting Cards
Christmas Cards From 123 Greetings.
Greetings for Christmas from USA Greetings

Christmas Flowers & Plants
Care of Christmas Cactus After Holidays
Selecting Alternative Holiday Plants
Holiday Herbs
Potted Amaryllis
The Mistletoe Center
Mistletoe Ranch
Oklahoma's State Flower: Mistletoe
Holly in Holiday Tradition
The Holly Collection
Holly & Ivy Lake Applet
Christmas Eternal Holly & Ivy
The Christmas Rose
Geobop's State & Provincial Flowers! A Celebration of Our Favorite Symbols: Flower symbols and more.
Holiday Plant Care
Living With Holiday Plants
Holiday Plants Care and FAQs: Redwood Barn Nursery.
Legends & Traditions of Holiday Plants
Toxic Plant Index: Includes info about Christmas plants.
Poisonous Holiday Plants
Are poinsettias or any other holiday plants poisonous?
Decorative holiday plants may be harmful to children

Christmas Safety
Toy Safety Tips For The Holidays
Christmas Fire Safety Tips: From Fire Fighters Safety, Victoria, BC.
Christmas Fire Safety Tips: San Carlos, California.
Christmas Links Christmas and Holiday Safety, Spending and Other Tips
Budweiser Designated Driver Holiday Campaign

Christmas Trees
Captain Jack Christmas Tree Farm: Iowa.
Christmas Trees & More
The Capitol Holiday Tree: Washington.
Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farms: Onslow, Nova Scotia.
Christmas Trees and More Very informative.
DeLong Farms: "A Legend Fresh From Nova Scotia": Much more than a Christmas Tree farm. Check it out. Info, contests. RECOMMENDED.
Fir, Pine or Spruce: Which Do I Have?

Christmas Specialty Products & Stores & Gift Ideas & Contests
Virtual Stocking Stuffers
The Glass House: Stained glass.
Clearwater Fine Foods - Nova Scotia lobster:The world's finest lobster and premium shellfish.
Christmas-By-The-Sea: Year-round Christmas shop overlooking historic Halifax Harbour in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Christmas Collectibles
EZ-UP FastTrax: Light mounting.
Olde World Santa Dolls
Messiah in Bethlehem - Video
Most Memorable Gift Contest: 5 winners with the most memorable Christmas gift will win an ornament package valued at $150.
Stockton Canoes: For the canoe connoisseur.
Give yourself or a loved one the Gift of a Cuddle Ewe from The Cuddle Ewe Company; for people with Fibromyalgia, etc.

Christmas Humour
'Twas A Computer Christmas
'Twas The Night Before Christmas: Politically correct version.
Star Trek Christmas
Top Ten Y2K Books For Christmas: From Grant's Graceland.

Interactive, Bulletin Boards, Games, Software, Etc
1997 Holiday Wishes Book: Post your wishes.
Symbols of Celebration: Adobe's Digital Quilt . Add a square.
Christmas Treasures: Sights & Sounds.
4Santa.Com: Send your Wish List to the North Pole.
Tracking Santa '97 For Windows
Santa Hi-Tech Sleigh Shockwave
Christmas Freebies Round-up Screensavers, everything!
Christmas Screensavers
Scriptorium's Holiday Fonts

"He Shall Wipe Away Every Tear From Their Eyes"
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
Articles on Stress & Coping
Tips for the Holidays: How to Help Ourselves: Self- help tips from Donna Kalk.
Surviving the Holidays: Adapted from article by chaplain Gerald Hill.
Remember The Love With The Loss During The Holidays: From the Detroit News, an article of Nov. 22, 1995.
Coping With Holiday Stress: Advice from Psychologist Dorothy Cantor, Psy.D. at Help Centre of the American Psychological Association. Excellent resources here!
Help For The Holidays: Gayle Moody.
Wounded Holidays: For those who have lost a child.
Mustard Seed Christmas
Mother's Last Christmas Gift
Coping With Holiday Stress: From iVillage.

Dealing With Holidays
Spinning Back in Time: The hazards of going home for Christmas.
The Holidays Need Not Be A Pain: Fibromyalgia resource.
Family.Com: Helpful articles dealing with children and families. Look under Life With Kids.
Christmas Meaning with Less Money
The Smiths Go Christmas Shopping
Dr. Toy's Guide
Be Able To Eat In January: Christmas Budget.
Gift Alternatives Jesus Would Approve "Some creative ideas that can help bring about the justice and peace Jesus lived and died for ...."
Organize Tip's Get Happy Holidays

Some Special Circumstances
'Twas The Night Before Christmas: Re-written for Childhood Diseases. RECOMMENDED

"The Light of the World Has Come"
What Child Is This?
Secular Indexes, Guides, Uniques
Christmas Market.Com
Yahoo Canada: Christmas Holidays
Seasons Greetings: Also listed under Special Ethnic pages on Part I. From Language Teacher Pete Jones, Whitby, Ontario.
How Christmas Works
Christmas Links on the WWW Massive page.

Christmas For Children
Father K.'s Christmas Story: In Real Audio.
A Christmas Colouring Book
Christmas Seals: From the American Lung Association: games and puzzles.
Kids' Snow Page: Snow activities.
Welcome To The North Pole
Check The Weather At The North Pole
Christmas Dot Com
Heather's Happy Holidaze Page
Santa's HomePage: The North Pole
Santa Claus At Claus.Com
Santa's Secret Village
How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Christmas Pictures To Colour Impressive collection of colouring pages. Good imagery.
Santa's Mailroom: Write A Letter To Santa
Santa's Workshop: In six languages. One special page is How Do I Get On The Nice List?.

Other Christmas HomePages
Lark & Spur Season of Light
A Victorian Christmas
Compliments of the Season: Victorian Christmas cards.
The Christmas Page: Excellent collection of Christmas stories from the Children's Literature Web Guide.
Mindspring's Holiday Calendar: Joy to the URL.
Jeanne's Merry Little Home: Graphics intensive.
A Merry Christmas
A Christmas Celebration
Christmas On The Web
Happy Holidays
Holidays On The Net
Santa's Grotto: UK.
The Christmas Loft
Virtual Christmas Tree
The Ultimate Christmas Site: UK; holiday traditions, music, graphics and more.
The Town of Noel
Merry Christmas Everybody!
Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!
A Winter Web Wonderland
Absolutely Christmas
Robin's Happy Holidays
Woodshed's Web Christmas Treats
Old Jim's Christmas Page
Happy Holidaze
Planet Christmas
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Activities, online games, links and downloads.
Sunset Angel's Christmas Beautiful Christmas graphics, free Christmas stuff and more.
Christmas On The Internet
Elaine's Christmas Page
CokeKidd™'s Christmas Fun Page!: Links to printable Christmas Cards & Gift Tags, Christmas Puzzles, Mazes & Coloring Pages.
Peppermint Lane: Christmas Fun For All

"Behold He Makes All Things New"
Go Tell It On The Mountains
New Year's Customs, Etc.
Hogmany: Alive & Well
The New Year Page
New Year's: History & Customs
Real Video Clip: New Year's Concert Need Real Audio.
Institute for World Peace Through Prayer and MeditationSpend 30 minutes on this New Year's Eve in prayer or meditation with millions of other people throughout the world for peace.
Hopping John
Annie's New Year Page

New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions: By Doctor Ralph Wilson.
Aristotle's New Year's Page

New Year's Reflections
Holy Name Jan 1, 1995 Sermon
New Years 1997
Happy New Year From Billy Bear
A Precedent For the New Year: Luke 2:13-20

"We Have Seen His Star"
We Three Kings Of Orient Are
The Epiphany Season
The Magi - Star Trek: A Kir-Shalom Narrative Sermon For Epiphany 1997
Epiphany Jan 6, 1995 Sermon
What Is Epiphany?
Season of Epiphany, Year A, 1999
Sermon XXXIV. On the Feast of the Epiphany, IV: From Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Series II, Vol. XII.
Fifteen Hymns For The Feast Of The Epiphany: From Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Series II, Vol. XIII.

The Wisemen
The Wisemen & The Star of Christ
The Other Wise Man
Wisemen Still Seek Him!
The Wise Men: Gentiles On A Journey Of Faith

The Baptism of Jesus
Lectionary Readings RCL Year A: Baptism of Christ
Lectionary Readings RCL Year B: Baptism of Christ
Lectionary Readings RCL Year C: Baptism of Christ
Oration On The Holy Lights: From Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Series II, Vol. VII.

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