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Welcome & Introduction

A Sermons & Sermon - Lectionary Resources Page
-- Richard Fairchild & Brett Blair --

Professionally Written Christmas & Christmas Eve Resources


A heartfelt "Thank You!" to all those lovely people out there on the Net creating such wonderful Christmas resources. Thank you to all our visitors, new and old, for your continued support of this site. A Holy Christmas is part of the mega-site Kir-Shalom. Please see our FAQ. Note that "A Holy Christmas" is updated throughout the Advent and Christmas Season. This site is a labour of love. Blessings to all who come here.

A big "Thank you!" to our ISP, Rocky Mountain Networks, in Golden, British Columbia.

We pray that you will find this site to be a blessing as you celebrate Advent and Christmas.
From Richard & Charlene Fairchild at Kir-Shalom to you:

- A very blessed and holy Christmas Greeting -


This is the eighth Christmas for "A Holy Christmas" which went online December 1996.


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Part I
Advent Calendars Advent Candlelighting Advent & Christmas Prayer Advent Wreath: Customs & Prayers Advent Preparations Advent Meditations Advent: Other Advent & Christmas Sermons Who is Jesus? Where It Took Place Biblical Accounts & Studies Christmas History & Traditions Christmas Eve Customs Christmas Eve Services Christmas Day Special Days Special Christmas Indexes Special Friends: Pot 'O Pastors Special Christmas Pages Christmas & Advent Hymns &: Carols Christmas MIDIs Christmas Poems Christmas Classics: Stories Christmas Stories: Dr. Ralph Wilson Christmas Legends Christmas Dramas Christmas Meditations Various Articles Special Projects Specials: Presentations, TV Shows, Etc. Books and Movies Chat Christmas Quizzes, Puzzles, Games Joyeux Noel a Quebec et L'Acadiens Special Places Christmas Card Pages Special International Christmas Pages Australian Christmas Pages Chanukah Resources Kir-Shalom Resources Christmas Travel Christmas At War Aspects Of Christmas

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Part II
Christmas Art Christmas Clipart Christmas Recipes Food Safety Fascinating Odds & Ends Christmas Lists Christmas Crafts Christmas Greetings Christmas Flowers & Plants Christmas Safety Christmas Trees Christmas Specialty Products & Gifts & Contests Christmas Humour Interactive, Bulletin Boards, Games, Software Articles On Stress & Coping Dealing With Holidays Some Special Circumstances Secular Indexes & Guides Christmas For Children Other Christmas Homepages New Year's Customs New Year's Resolutions New Year's Reflections Epiphany Season The Wisemen The Baptism of Jesus

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