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Part II

A Sermons & Sermon - Lectionary Resources Page
-- Richard & Charlene Fairchild --
From Kir-Shalom to you - A very blessed and holy Easter Greeting. May the Lord of bless you and keep you!

A Holy Easter - Welcome!
A Holy Easter: Part I

"Blessed Are Those Who Have Not Seen And Yet Have Come To Believe"
"Now The Green Blade Rises From The Buried Grain"

small pysanky easter egg gifPysanky And Decorated Eggs
Ukrainian Easter Eggs: From Georgia Sawhook whose ethnic roots go back to the Ukraine in the village of Zdeshiew, near Kiev.(Surnames: Markiw & Oczypok).
Pysanky - Ukrainian Easter Eggs
Another Faberge Eggs Collection
Natural Dyes For Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs
Traditional Easter Eggs And Paper Cutting
Thai Easter Eggs

"Then He Opened Their Minds To Understand The Scripture... And Said To Them, Thus It Is Written"
"O Love, How Deep! How Broad! How High!"

The Road To Emmaus
The Emmaus Road Message
Jerusalem: Church of Emmaus: Pictures.
Emmaus: From the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Easter Legends & Customs
Easter Customs of the Carpatho-Rusyn People
Why Do We Give Easter Eggs?
How The Egg Came To Symbolize Easter

Easter Dramas
The Twelve Voices of Easter
The Twelve Voices Of Easter: Alternate site.
Passion Plays: From the Catholic Encyclopedia (about plays).>

Passion Plays: Live Productions
The Promise: Glen Rose, TX.
Directory Religious Dramas 1998

Drama Resources
Baker's Plays: Catalogues, message boards.
Theatre Links

Easter Meditations
The Way of the Cross for Reflection
Meditations and Prayers for Lent and Easter: The Passionist Missionaries.

Various Articles
We Would See Jesus: Douglas John Hall.
Easter Articles: Dr. Ralph Wilson.
He Is Risen!: Pastor Lou Bartet.
Reasons To Believe The Resurrection
A Better Easter Tradition

The Spiritual Life: Various Writings
The Imitation of Christ
A Serious Call To The Devout and Holy Life: William Law
Dark Night of the Soul: St. John of the Cross.

Easter-Related Movies & Films
Ben Hur
Easter Quizzes, Puzzles & Games
The Easter Fun Section: Games, stories, a fun quiz and paper crafts.

Free Easter Themed Stuff
Billy Bear's Screensavers
Easter Bunny Screen Saver: From time Out Screensavers.
Hoppy Easter Screensaver: From Eggs-ellent
Easter Desktop Theme: From Softseek by Dr. Maged Nabih Kamel
Easter screen Saver: From

"Go Therefore And Make Disciples Of All Nations"
"The Church's One Foundation Is Jesus Christ Her Lord"

Joyeux Pacques a Quebec et L'Acadiens
Les Douze Voix De Paques: Drama.
Jesus Est-il Vraiment Ressuscite?
WWW Bible Gateway

Special Ethnic Easter Pages
Swedish Easter Traditions
Bulgarian Easter Traditions: Christian Orthodox; Kuzman Shapkareff Describes our Easter Traditions
Easter on African soil: Father Stephen O'Werema on Christus Rex.
Easter in Slovakia
Happy Easter: From Language Teacher Pete Jones who also does a wonderful Christmas page Christmas World Connections and is listed on A Holy Christmas.

"For God So Loved The World That He Gave His Only Begotten Son"
O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go, I Rest My Weary Soul In Thee

Articles re: Grief & Coping
Remember The Love With The Loss During The Holidays: From the Detroit News, an article that appeared last Christmas time. Good advice.

"Whatever Is True, Whatever Is Honourable, Whatever Is Just, Whatever Is Pure, Whatever Is Lovely, Whatever Is Commendable, If There Is Any Excellence And If There Is Anything Worthy Of Praise, Think On These Things"
Behold The Amazing Gift Of Love

Easter Art
Last Supper: Sistine Chapel
Images Of Easter:From the Stock Solution.
The Resurrected Saviour
Orthodox Icons
Christina Saj: Painter: Catalogue. Does modern icons. Beautiful work.
The Stained Glass Page: The Life of Christ
Spiritual and Religious Art: Judy Racz.
Images Of Easter: Stock Solution. May be ordered.

Easter & Passover Clipart
Christian Graphics Gallery: From Christian Webmaster.
Religious Images Archives: Crosses
Easter ASCII Art
Original Easter Images
Easter & Passover Clipart

Anointing Oil
Holy Oils: Rodco Company.

Easter Recipes
The Feast Day Cookbook: Text.
Hot Cross Buns
Challah: Properly, a Jewish festive bread.
Medieval vegetarianism Lenten foods
How to Put Together a Traditional Easter Basket
Easter Recipes: Hams and more.
Medieval vegetarianism. Lenten foods
Feast Day Cookbook: From EWTN.
Ukrainian Recipes From Georgia's Kitchen: Other recipes as well.

Fascinating Easter Odds & Ends
Foods Of The Bible

Easter Animals

Easter Crafts
Make Your Own Easter Basket
How to Put Together a Traditional Easter Basket

Easter Greetings
123 Greetings
Annie's Card Shoppe
Faberge Eggs Easter Postcard: 8 classic Faberge eggs to choose from.
Awesome Easter Cards: From Awesome Cyber Cards™

Easter For Children
The Adventurous Bunny and Easter Island

Easter Games
Online Easter Egg Factory: Uses Shockwave; decorate eggs online.
Eggs-ellent Easter Word Search

Easter Flowers & Plants
Easter Lily Trivia: University of Vermont.
Easter Lilies and Their Care
Helleborus orientalis--Lenten Rose

"What No Eye Has Seen, Nor Ear Heard, Nor The Human Heart Conceived, What God Has Prepared For Those Who Love Him"
God Moves In A Mysterious Way His Wonders To Perform

Secular Indexes
Easter at Clint's Place
Easter On The WWW

Christian Witness in the Workplace

Easter Riddles For Kids

Other Easter HomePages
Kelley & Cindy's Easter Page
White House Easter Egg Roll

As you observe a Holy Lent and look forward to Easter Day may the blessings of Discipleship
and Grace Upon Grace from God's rich storehouse be yours!

The church Gif is a pencil sketch of Corinth United Church, Corinth, Ontario
drawn by Bryan Hewitt of Corinth United, 1994. All rights reserved.

A Holy Easter - Welcome!
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