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Police -- Crime & Criminology -- Law
Forensic Science -- Fire EMS Emergency

Memorials For Police, Fire and & EMS Personnel

Grief and Loss Resources for police and emergency personnel.

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Arson & Explosions
Arson Links
Arson and Bomb Links: Informational.
Explosive CounterMeasures Group
Arson Prevention For America's Churches and Synagogues
International Association of Arson Investigators
Blaze Fire Investigation and Consulting Service
Fire & Arson Investigation Methods: Levels of Certainty
The Fire & Arson Investigation Information Web
Explosives and Pyrotechnics

EMS Associations
National Association of EMT Online: Leadership
Ontario Ambulance Operators Association
Society of Michigan EMT Instructor-Co-ordinators
Ontario Paramedic Association
EMS Directories
Emergency Resource Directory
Flight Web
EMS and Safety-Related Links
Links to EMS Sites
Emergency Services WWW Site List
The WWW Community of Emergency Services
EMS Forums
EMS Worldwide Discussion Forum TOC
EMS Home Pages
Arnie's EMS Home Page
The Massachusetts EMS WWW Site
Don Crisman's Home Page
EMS Magazine
Emergency Medicine
Trauma Incorporated Website
Art's WWW Medical Reference (ER)
Emerg Net News
EMS Resources
EMS Instructor Resource Page
Emergency Response and Research Institute
Emergency Concepts 911
EMS Training
Manitoba Emergency Services College

EMS & FIRE Combined Resources
Combined Resources
Fire-EMS Sites
Fire-EMS Information Network
Firefighting and EM
Shift Calendar Generator
ATSDR: Agency Toxic Substances & Disease Registry
CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse
Break Room For Public Safety Personnel
Tox FAQs: Hazardous Substances Fact Sheets
Jerry's Emergency Medical Humor Pages
FIRE What Is A Fireman?
Fire Associations
The National Fire Protection Association
Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs
National Fire Protection Association
Firelines: Calgary Firefighters
LPFFA: London Professional Firefighters Association
New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union
IAFF Local I-66 Boeing Firefighters
Canadian Fire Departments
Calgary Fire Department
City of Toronto Fire Department
Hamilton Fire Department
Kahnawake Fire Department
Kitchener Fire Department
Kootenay Boundary Regional Fire Service
Leduc Fire DEpartment
London Fire Services
Lytton Volunteer Fire Department
Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services
Onslow-Belmont Fire Department
Pilot Mountain Fire Department
Qualicum Beach Fire Department
Regina Fire Department
St. Catharine's Fire Services
Steinbach Fire Department
Yarmouth Fire Department
Vernon Fire Rescue Department
Whistler Fire Department
Woodlands Municipal Fire Department
Other Fire Departments
Hudson Fire Department
Fire Directories
Fire-EMS Departments on the Web
International Fire-EMS Departments
Police & Firefighters Web Page
The Complete Fire-Rescue-Emergency Site
The NFPA Resource Links
Fire On The Web
Fire Homepages-
Stan's Fire Service Page
The Fire Station
The Fire House
Smoke EaterToo Homepage
George Cox Homepage: Pittsburgh Fire Department.
Institutes & Labs
American National Standards Insitute
Institute For Research In Construction (NRC)
Building and Fire Research Laboratory
Journals & Magazines & News
National Fire and Rescue Journal
Journal of EMS Communications
Fire Findings! Newsletter
National Fire & Rescue Emergency Message Board
inFire Home Page: Collections of fire literature.
Fire Risk Assessment Publications: Bibliography.
Canadian Firefighter
Fire Museums
Yarmouth Firefighters Museum: Yarmouth, NS.
Phoenix Hall of Flame Firefighting Museum
Complete History of Rescue Tools
Firefighters Museum Calgary
Fire Resources
The Fire Barn
The Fire Protection Handbook
The Fire Service Centre at University of New Brunswick
Fire Extinguishers
Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting Working Group
FlameOut: Fire Retardant Protection
Kids' Fire Safety Tips
Fire Training
Fire Department Training Network

Disaster & Emergency
Disaster Management Central Resource
Emergency Response & Research Instirute
Home Page of Disaster
Disaster & Emergency Preparedness
Internet Disaster Information Center
How To Prepare For An Emergency
WADEM Homepage: Disaster Resources
Mine Rescue
Emergency Resource Directory
DERA: Disaster Resources & Emergency Response Association International
Canadian Centre of Occupational Health Safety
Injury Control Resource Information Network
Seasonal Safety Info
FireSafe: Fire & Safety Directory
Alberta Safety Net


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