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Police -- Crime & Criminology -- Law
Forensic Science -- Fire EMS Emergency

Memorials For Police, Fire and & EMS Personnel

Grief and Loss Resources for police and emergency personnel.

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Insanity Defense: Myths & Misconceptions: Brattleboro Retreat Psychiatry Review.
Book Resources
Forensic Science Bookstore: At Knowledge Solutions. An excellent resource for professionals in Law Enforcement and the Forensic Sciences and for students of Law, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice and related fields.
Courses & Workshops
Net 101 Syllabus: For students and professionals of Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice and related disciplines - a comprehensive overview of the Internet with an eye towards Law Enforcement's specific needs and issues.
Net 102 Syllabus: For the above noted professionals and students a practical understing of types of Internet crime, location and how to research them.
Net 201 Syllabus: A hands-on opportunity using advanced methods and techniques relevant to investigating suspected or proven criminal activity on the Internet and how to connect crime on the Internet to crime in the local community.
Profiling Course & Services:
Profilings Course Syllabus: Details and complete course information.
CP 101: Online Profiling Course
Crime Scenes
CyberScream: Simulated Crime Scene
Cults & Gangs
Cults 'R Us
Coroner's Report: Gangs
FORENSICS E-Mail Directory
Forensic-related Mailing Lists
Cannabis Corner
Drug Text USA
Future Synthetic Drugs of Abuse: Article from DEA.
Peter Jordan's Drug Node
High Times: Magazine.
Phytochemical & Ethnobotanical Databases
Psychoactive Substances
The Lycaeum
World of Drugs Map
General Resources
Forensic Science Education Resource
Forensic Science Network
Forensic Science Web Page: Designed for the layperson.
Forensic Science Resources
Forensic: Barend A J Cohen
Bad Science: Forensics
Ed Uthman's Homepage
Forensic Science Reference Page
Forensic Science References
Reddy's Forensic HomePage: Forensic chemist specializing in Questioned Documents and Digital Imaging.
Zeno's Forensic Page
Canadian Society of Forensic Science JOURNAL
LSU Forensic FACES Laboratory
Netherlands Forensic Science Laboratory
Illinois State Police Suburban Chicago Forensic Science Lab
US Army Criminal Investigation Lab
ASCLD-LAB Forensic News
Medical-Forensic Page: Law Research Newsletter
Autoerotic Fatalities Syndrome
The WWW Post-Mortem Page
Embalming Preservation and Research
Ed's Pathology Notes
Volatiles In Postmortems As A Sign Of Arson
Professional Associations
American College of Forensic Examiners
American Academy of Forensic Science
Behavioral Profiling: SEE Knowledge Solutions.
Beeler's Crime and Criminology Page
Profiling Behavior: SEE Knowledge Solutions.
Knowledge Solutions: Excellent educational, library, search resources; online Forensic Science Bookstore; Internet courses; newsletter.
Serial Killers vs Mass Murderers
Hooper's Forensic Psychiatry Page
Forensic Psychiatry & Medicine
Forensic and Trauma: Psychiatric Hint Book
Societies & Associations
Canadian Society of Forensic Scientists
RV's Forensic Anthropology Page
Forensic Archaeology
Forensic Audio
Blood Stain Pattern Analysts Homepage
Computer Forensics
Computer Forensics & Law Enforcement
Forensic Dentistry
Forensic Documents
Forensic Engineering
Forensic Entomology
Forensic Entomology Home Page
Scott's Forensic Firearms ID
Intro to Firearms Identification
GeoForensic Pattern Analysis
Forensic Hair Comparisons Using Neural Networks
Forensic IMAGING Group
Latex Fingerprints On Latex Gloves
Alan Barbour's Forensic Toxicology Page


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