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Police -- Crime & Criminology -- Law
Forensic Science -- Fire EMS Emergency

Memorials For Police, Fire and & EMS Personnel

Grief and Loss Resources for police and emergency personnel.


The Supreme Court of Canada
Canadian Court Decisions & Legislation
FindLaw: Supreme Court Opinions (US)
Courts: Allied Services
Court Reporting & Related Careers
Scopists.Com: Internet support web.
Canadian Law Resources
The Criminal Code of Canada
Virtual Canadian Law Library
Alan Gahtan's Canadian Legal Resources
Canadian Law Links
Canadian Legal Information Centre
Counsel Connect: Law Links Webworld
Justice Information Centre (NCJRS) National
Justice Information Centre (NCJRS) Juvenile
The 'Lectric Law Library(tm)
Access To Justice Network
Canadian Aboriginal Law
Bill's Law Library
The Canadian Legal Network
Canadian Legal FAQs
LawNow Magazine
Canadian Online Legal Resources
American Law Resources
United States Code
Counsel Quest: US Federal Government Resources
Meta Index for US Legislation
Law, Privacy and Technology
House of Lawyers
FindLaw : Internet continuing education credit courses.
US Evidence Law
Internet Law Library: US House of Representatives.
The Defender Association: Law resources.
Criminal Law Links: Evidence
Hieros Gamos: Criminal Law Index
InfoManage Legal Resources
LEXIS-NEXIS Communication Center
Law Journals
Hieros Gamos: All Legal Publications In Print Database
Law Research's Newsletter
International Law Resources
A Guide to Japanese Law
The World List: Law
Resources In International Law
Inter-America Bar Association: Connecting all 17 countries and various groups of the Americas.
CLAIHR: Law and Human Rights
CIMEL: Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Law
GLIN: Global Legal Information Network: Library of Congress.
U. of Melbourne Computerized Legal Research
Center For International Legal Search: Wave-enabled.
The Law
Ethics Resources
Allan C. Turner Law & Culture
WWLegal Info Home Page
The Web's Legal Dictionary
LAWKids Only Page: For Kids: Take a look.
History of Law
Code of Hammurabi
Sex Laws
Carswell Lawyers' E-Mail Directory
Nova Scotia Lawyers
LawTel: Lawyers Database Service


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