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  • Provides a huge A to Z list of sermon illustrations. We highly recommend this site.
  • A.M.E. Today - Inspiration: A select collection of classical illustrations that inspire as collected by Rev. John Fisher of the A.M.E. See also his Meditations for further materials.(Apr 00)
  • Cinema in Focus: Denny Wayman writes that the site has over eight years of columns looking at film from a spiritual and social perspective. And indeed it has. Between this site and the next one in our list you should be able to access materials about just about any movie of interest to you. (Mar 02)
  • Hollywood Jesus: This new site reviews films visually. It looks for the deeper more profound meaning behind blockbuster hits. The site combines film release information and trailers with reflective comments and articles as written (or used) by the host - David Bruce. Give it a try for culturally relevant illustrative or educational purposes. (Mar 00)
  • Hasidic Stories Home Page: A good collection of Hasidic tales - tales which I often find useful as illustrations in preaching. (Sep 01)
  • Illustrations From BSF: Scripturally indexed. Also indexed by theme/title. Some of the illustrations come from very good sources. (May 00)
  • Illustrations Plus: A collection of sermon illustrations arranged by subject matter. (Aug 30 98)
  • Eric Reamer's Illustrated Illusions: Gateway page to various ministry tricks of the month posted by a Christian Illusionist for use as illustrations and thought provokers for both adults and children. Also excellent devotionals.
  • Lectionary Puzzles: Reg McMillan has written a program to create simple word search puzzles for use in bulletins and newsletters. You can download the puzzles for each Sunday from his site. The puzzles are posted well in advance and now available in Rich Text Format formatted for half or full page, and plain text as well as html. (Jan 00)
  • Oz Sermon Illustrations: Scott Higgins writes that the site 'includes hundreds of high quality stories, analogies and social statistics. Our illustrations are international in scope, but with many drawn from or oriented to the Australian context'. And it seems to be so. A well presented site. (Dec 02)
  • Stories For Sermons: A collection of extracts and starters for homilies by Father Tommy Lane. (Feb 00)
  • Stories, Poems and Thoughts: An interesting site by Cris P Cash - who served with REACH Youth Ministries during the last year (Feb 99)


  • Seasonal Resource Archive: Contains sites and resources featured on this page during past seasons of the liturgical year. Also "Special Sunday" sites for days like Martin Luther King Jr Day, Scouting Sunday, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Pentecost Sunday, Father's Day, World Wide Communion, Thanksgiving, All Saints, Remembrance Day, Hanging of The Greens, Advent, and Christmas.etc.
  • Occasional & Special Issue Sermons: A listing of special occasion and issues sermons recommended to me by you the readers. Special focus on Funeral Homilies - including suicide. Also sermons on AIDS, wedding homilies, etc.
  • Worship Forum A place to discuss and post sermon and liturgy ideas based on the texts for the Upcoming Sunday or Seasonal Occasion. You do not need to register to read and write notes, but may if you wish.
  • A Holy Christmas: Our multi-year award winning Kir-Shalom page with Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany sites of both secular and religious interest. Let the sacred hallow the profane this and every Christmas.
  • A Holy Easter: Our multi-year award winning Kir-Shalom page with Lent, Holy Week, and Easter sites both secular and religious.
  • Wedding Service Planner: Plan your wedding service using these online resources. The site will continue to grow as we expand the selections. Why not send us your ideas?
  • Scriptural Index: Index of our original resources - sermons, liturgies, meditations, etc. - and resources published on our site arranged by scriptural reference. This page, like our others, is continually updated. (May 00)

  • The Revised Common Lectionary: Online readings in text or table form for all three years of the RCL as posted by Vanderbilt. This is the standard lectionary site that almost all RCL lectionary sites refer to. (Jan 00)
  • Consultation on Common Texts: An ecumenical consultation of liturgical scholars and denominational representatives from the United States and Canada, who produce liturgical texts for use in common by North American Christian Churches. A noted work of the CCT is the Revised Common Lectionary. (Dec 01)
  • Lectionaries Old and New: A fascinating page from Kevin Edgecomb at Berkeley, California, that presents several ancient and modern lectionaries, east and west. Kevin believes that 'lectionaries are wondrous things. The way that various sections of text are interwoven with others, and sometimes with songs and prayers, realize in their combination an effect on the spirit that the individual elements would not otherwise exert.' (Nov 02)
  • Uniting Church of Australia - Lectionary From the Theology and Discipleship working group of the UCA - a set of pages including an introduction to the RCL and principle dates to 2030. Also the menu includes "orders of services" for various Pastoral occasions and varioius other helpful links. (Sep 05)

    Calendars for Liturgical Events and Saints Days / Daily Lectionaries

  • Calendar of Christian Historical Biographies: A very useful calendar style resource for those observing Saints Days or interested in information on various feast days or notable persons of faith throughout the last two millenium. A very interesting and helpful resource. Presented by James Keifer. (Sep 99)
  • The Catholic Calendar Page: A page that allows you to locate the liturgical event and texts for any day of the year according to the Roman variant of the Common Lectionary. Very Useful page that opens on the "daily lection". We recommend this page by Bob and Linda Easterbrooks highly. (Mar 99)
  • The CIN Catholic Calendar Page: A useful page that offers different information regarding the liturgical events and saints days throughout the year. A monthly view provides links to information on various saints etc for the day. Links to the daily readings. (Jan 00)
  • Patron Saints Index: A very useful page for those interested in "patron" saints. The site is extremely well organized and easy to navigate. Note that this site has a "calendar view" that makes it especially helpful. (Jan 00)
  • The Episcopal / Anglican Lectionary: A collection of Lectionary readings for the Episcopal Church. Links for the "Daily Office Lectionary" are included. Look for the very useful "Calendar View" link on this page. (Jun 99)
  • The Roman Catholic Lectionary Website: Now at a new address, Prof. Felix Just, S.J. of Loyola Marymount University, provides comprehensive tables of scripture readings from several editions of the Roman Catholic Lectionary for Mass. (Dec 04)

    The Daily Office and/or Reflections on The Weekday Lectionary

  • Daily Reflections: Creighton University faculty, staff and administrators reflect upon the daily readings each day. (Sep 01)
  • Daily Scripture Meditations: Rev. Ann Fontaine creates a Haiku like meditation each day on one of the scriptures from the daily office of the Episcopal Church (USA). You can sign up to receive them by e-mail by sending a blank message to: (Dec 99)
  • Liturgy of the Hours - The Divine Office: This excellent site gives you, according to your time zone - the daily office -- a wonderful online system of doing your daily devotionals. (Mar 98)
  • Oremus: A form of daily Christian prayer (the Daily Office) and prayer resources published on the Net by Steve Benner and Simon Kershaw (a daily mailing is also available). The whole is designed to complement the RCL in a 3-year cycle. A bible study option is included on the site and the NRSV is also on site and highly readable. The site is particularly geared for Anglicans. (Feb 02)
  • Reflections on The Daily Lectionary: leads to "One Bread, One Body", a site with reflections on the daily Roman lectionary. Archived dates available.

    Denominational Lectionary Meta-Sites

  • SAMUEL: Acronym for "Scripture And Mission - UCC Electronic Library" this excellent site from the United Church of Christ includes the full RCL texts, responsive psalms with antiphons from The New Century, Hymnal, themes from the ecumenical lectionary-based "Inviting Word" curriculum, a commentary on one of the RCL passages, and much more. (Jan 99)
  • Lift Up Your Hearts: A long standing set of Lectionary Based worship aids covering multiple topics as compiled by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada. (Nov 01)

  • Anglican Gradual and Sacramentary: Something like the Anglican Missal, in that it provides the traditional anthems (sometimes called the minor propers) and special prayers and other texts, but it is designed to be used with the 1979 Prayer Book, Lesser Feasts and Fasts, and the Book of Occasional Services, and it provides not only traditional language but contemporary English and Spanish. Various download formats available. (Dec 02)
  • Book of Common Prayer: A well presented site with the full text of various historical and current editions of the Book of Common Prayer and many supplemental links. A wonderful source of propers, collects, eucharistic prayers etc according to the Episcopal or Anglican tradition.
  • The Center For Liturgy at Saint Louis University: Weekly postings of general intercessions for Sunday, prayers related to the readings and historical and contemporay studies and spiritual reflections on the texts. This is an excellent site that helps one enter into worship as well as prepare for it.(Dec 02)
  • Laughing Bird Liturgical Resources: Listed as well in "RCL Sermons In Advance", most of these resources (prayers, eucharistic prefaces, scriptural paraphrases, litanies, etc) are designed for use with the readings set in the RCL and build on phrases, ideas and images from them. Many of the resources found here have been warmly welcomed by ministers and scholars from most of the major Christian liturgical traditions. We highly recommend this site from Nathan Nettleton!(Jan 01)
  • Liturgies Online: As listed in "RCL in Advance" category -- Complete liturgical materials in advance for most Sunday's of the church year as prepared by Rev. Dr Moira Laidlaw of the UC of Australia. An excellent resource. (Jan 00).
  • Outside The Box: A seasonally organized collection of litanies, poems and prayers written for the local church by Katherine Hawker The collection is growing - with materials for most Sundays in each season of each year of the lectionary cycle available and new material added weekly. (Nov 04)
  • Worship and Preaching: Excellent weekly liturgical resources from David Beswick of the Uniting Church in Australia. The site also provides a sermon to go with the liturgical suggestions. There is also a full three year archive that will help meet your needs (Oct 01)
  • Liturgy Worship that Works: Prayers and various liturgical resources from Catholic Chaplain Bosco Peters

  • The Audio Bible: Listen to the KJV version of the bible as you work through this site. Requires Real Audio - but it is gem of a site. Play by book and chapter.
  • Blue Letter Bible: Look up passages and find the Strongs Lexicon and Concordance numbers for the passage as well as the comments from the "Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge". Well done site for quick ideas. Good for doing online cross-referencing, maps, name searches, and much more. (May 01)
  • E-Sword: Completely free Bible Software program with numerous add-ons, translations, and study helps. Major translations like the NRSV are not included due to copyright restrictions - however the interface is very good and the resouces comparable to most commercial bible software. (Apr 05)
  • Search God's Word - Heartlight.Org: This search page from HeartLight.Org allows you to access multiple commentaries and helps for user selected scripture references and to use various biblical study tools as they pertain to the passage you are interested in. Multi-lingual helps also available.(Jul 02)
  • The World Wide Study Bible: Sermons, homilies and bible studies indexed by chapter and verse for the entire bible. While the resources are somewhat conservative, classic works are included in the indexing. This is one of the few sermon linked study bibles I have found on-line. Fast working. (Oct 00)
  • Bible Maps: Several standard simple color maps from the folk at that are useful for using in documents and so forth Check also the Blue Letter Bible site for a different look on maps. (May 01)
  • Look UP Scripture Readings
  • The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Web Page: by Dr. James R. Davila of The Divinity School at St. Andrew's University, reading this page will provide access or a connection to various Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha works. (Oct 00)
  • The Nag Hammadi Library: All the documents and much more. The base collection of thirteen ancient codices containing over fifty texts, was discovered in upper Egypt in 1945. The collection includes the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Philip, and the Gospel of Truth.


  • A daily dose of of clean humor (pulpit friendly) delivered by email.
  • Altar-ed States: A cartoon that frequently has something worthwhile for use in church newsletters or bulletins. This is not scripturally indexed like Angus Day (below) and the page is supported by advertisements. It is worth checking out from time to time (see the archives). (Nov 02)
  • Angus Day: The Lectionary Comic Strip: This one could just as easily be on our 'List Servers' page since the material is mailed free of charge to subscribers who ask for it. The website includes not only the latest cartoon, but a also a scriptural index to previous offerings. (Aug 02)
  • Reverend Fun: A cartoon series made available by Gospel Communications International ( they may be freely reproduced in certain circumstances and used in church bulletins and newsletters. (Jun 04)
  • Sermon Fodder: The list shares a daily dose of Christian humor and modern-day parables for personal enjoyment. The material is often used as sermon illustration material by pastors and Sunday School Teachers. While not an RCL specific list it is useful. Subscribe to the list from (Sep 04)


  • Christian Skits: Free: A large collection of short stage / radio scripts indexed by subject and season. Bob writes that 'the Lord has blessed me with a job that allows me to write Christian scripts and web pages 7 1/2 hours per day and get paid for it. That's why my scripts are free'. (Oct 01)
  • A collection of short dramas usable in worship services.
  • Drama 4 Christ: A new page by Laura Toffelmire in Ontario Canada that aims to present a number of seasonal and general skits or dramas for use in the church. Currently there are a very limited number of these online, but there is the promise of many more. (Jul 02)
  • Dramatix: A wonderful site that is a community effort devoted to sharing quality Christian drama scripts from around the world. The majority may be used free of charge, although a modest royalty payment is requested for some. Currently over 650 scripts - including seasonal scripts for Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day. The site is indexed by theme and/or occasion. (Sep 03)
  • Scripts 4 Christians: A growing collection of scripts for use in Sunday School and at Worship indexed by topic and secondarily by scripture. By Lou Dillon. (Oct 03)
  • Skits For The Sanctuary a comprehensive page by Dave Gladwell and sponsored by Cooke's and Burn's Presbyterian Churches, the skits are arranged in a variety of ways including by lectionary date. (Sep 03)
  • Stage Right - Drama For Today's Church: From David Marsh - this page provides links to over 80 free skits and also provides the reader with some of his reflections upon Christian Drama. (Apr 05)

  • Preaching Magazine: Subscription magazine with some free resources
  • Touchstone: The new homepage for Touchstone, a Journal that brings the heritage of theology and faith of the UCC to bear on its own present life and witness. Previous editions are being published online as well. (06/98)

While there are now quite a few good quality RCL sermon sites online, there still are many more non-lectionary sermon sites in existence. Because of their longstanding presence on the Net, and their quality, I have included four such sites here. Most are well identified by text citation and so can be used if you have your RCL index at hand. Most are conservative in nature - helping to round out the various theologies and traditions represented on this page.
  • In advance RCL sermons and illustrations. SPONSOR OF THIS PAGE
  • An Exegetical Study of the Common Lectionary: Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary's open study of the Common Lectionary texts features translations, historical context, hermeneutical guides, and contemporary applications. This on-going project, coordinated by Dr. John Alsup as part of his 'Bi216' course, is often updated and missing information filled in as the lectionary date nears.(Jul 02)
  • Archive of Homilies and Sermons: A sermon and homily collection for the three years of the Lectionary with new materials being posted in advance. By Father Tommy Lane in Ireland. Searchable. (Jul 01)
  • Bobs Sermons Dot Com: Sermons by Rev. Dr. Bob Allred of the United Methodist Church generally posted by Saturday at noon. There are over 300 lectionary based sermons archived at this page commencing from 1997. A most helpful site for preaching. (Jan 04)
  • Catholic Lectionary Homilies & Ideas: provided by Father Jim Mazzone since 1999. All homilies are posted by Friday night at the latest. This well designed easy to use site contains excellent homiletical materials for Sundays and Holy and Feast Days). Father Jim has the full three year cycle online. The site is searchable in various ways. (Mar 03)
  • Comments: Commentaries on the RCL Readings: Weekly commentary/exegesis on the lectionary readings by Chris Haslam of the Anglican Church of Canada - Westmount, Quebec. A very good starting place! One of the best and oldest preaching resources on the Net. Now with downloadable files in various formats and a Portugeuse language option. (Mar 04)
  • Community Church Sermons: Mostly Lectionary Based Sermons By Reverend Martin C. Singley, III - generally posted after the time of preaching. However one of the benefits of this site is the archive of sermons that has accumulated over the last three cycle through the lectionary - so if you go to the archive page you can find the materials 'in advance'. (Sep 01)
  • CyberFaith - Proclaiming Faith: Reflections on the three readings for each Sunday and Holy Day of the year, with questions for discussion. Activities for young people are included. (Nov 01)
  • Deacon Sil's Homiletic Resources: While a commercial site, in honour of both the excellence of the resources and the long history Sil has upon the Net we mention the site here. Deacon Sil prepares well in advance and posts by lectionary date. The site has a useful "thematic index" and many other features, including an extensive list of stories and illustrations. There is an annual fee to access the site after a 30-day free trial period during which you can check out all of its resources for yourself. (Aug 01)
  • Diocese of Kootenay Sermon of The Week: The Anglican Diocese of Kootenay (BC, Canada) sermon forum page posts an advance RCL based Sermon (generally by Peter Davison) and invites response. In existence since August 2003, there are very few Sunday's missed. (Jan 05)
  • First Baptist Church Sermons: A page by Pastor David Russell in Ames, Iowa. Generally a new offering posted by Thursday or Friday evening. There is a fairly full archive of mostly RCL sermons dating from 2001. (Jan 04))
  • From the Pulpit: A RCL Sermon in Advance site from "down under". Vince Gerhardy posts his sermons to the page by Friday afternoon each week. Vince has been online for over three years now and has a full archive of the Lectionary Cycle available. Try it out. You will like his take on the texts. (Jan 04)
  • From The Pulpit of Rev. Billy D. Strayhorn: Lectionary Sermons by Rev. Billy Strayhorn, at First UMC in Joshua, Texas. After a year's absence from the Lectionary Billy returns with new RCL sermons posted by Friday night or Saturday noon. He has a three year archive of lectionary sermons you can check out and is working on a scriptural index. Billy is one of our oldest links. Recommended (Jan 02)
  • Gathering: A newly updated site for the United Church of Canada produced Worship Journal "Gathering". The site contains a "Sunday by Sunday" feature for many of the upcoming RCL consisting of hymn suggestions and a children's time and sermon starter. Prayers and litanies can often be found as well for both regular and special Sundays.(Jan 03)
  • Girardian Reflections on the Lectionary: by Paul Nuechterlein & friends, these advance reflections are of a specialized variety. Now at its own domain name, Girardian Reflections are based on an anthropology of the cross. It is that tool which is used as a key to interpreting the Gospel. (Jan 05)
  • Andrew Greeley's Catholic Homilies: Short exegesis of one of the upcoming lection texts followed by a short story or illustration - posted in advance by one of America's most noted authors. Follows the Roman variant of the RCL. (Jun 98)
  • Gospel Lections: Three thoughts or questions per Gospel reading from Pastor Wesley White to prime your own meditation. Wesley also makes comments on all four lections 'from a progressive Christian perspective' on a subpage of the site; and you can access a full set of gospel comments (since 1998) organized by scripture on his archive page - making this a most useful site. (Jan 03)
  • Homilies Alive: A link to the program of sermons at Homilies Alive. The program consists of three homilies for the upcoming Sunday and for each of the following three Sundays, pluse there is an extensive archive, and also there are Spanish language homilies available. There is also an archive of homilies. Very helpful. (Dec 02)
  • Homilies By E-Mail: A commercial service by Bass Mitchell - one of the pioneers in lectionary based resources on the Net. See our Commercial Products of Note page (May 99)
  • Homily Grits: A lengthy note each week by Grant Gallup of the Episcopal Church of the USA in Managua, Nicaragua provides grits for digesting the Word. There is a strong emphasis on socio-economic justice, both contemporary and ancient, in Gallup's work. (July 02)
  • Homily Service Hosting all the works of Father Daniel Meynen. Available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese (with a three year archive of homilies). The site hosts other free works by Ronald D. Curley (English), Father Miron Kerul-Kmec (in Slovak) and Père Maurice Avril (in French). Father Daniel's homilies are available by weekly e-mail as well. (Apr 01)
  • John Shearman's Lectionary Analysis: Rev. John Shearman offers a short summary of the RCL texts suitable for bulletin use, followed by an in-depth analysis of each passage. John normally posts his work to this site on Monday. The archive is generally limited to the previous three months (check our 'Year B Sermons' page for older offerings). (May 03)
  • Laughing Bird Liturgical Resources: Listed as well in "Prayer Books and Lection Based Prayers", most of these resources (prayers, eucharistic prefaces, scriptural paraphrases, litanies, etc) are designed for use with the readings set in the RCL and build on phrases, ideas and images from them. Many of the resources found here have been warmly welcomed by ministers and scholars from most of the major Christian liturgical traditions. We highly recommend this site from Nathan Nettleton! (Jan 01)
  • Lectionary At Lunch: From Concordia Seminary - an audio site that each Friday posts "mpeg" and "ra" copies of the Wednesday noon lectures for the lectionary passages for the Sunday coming nine days later. Listen while you surf. (Jan 99)
  • Lectionary Bible Studies and Sermons: Now at its own domain, this site from Rev. Bryan Findlayson continue to be a useful resource. Bryan seek to be evangelical, reformed and true to the gospel. The lectionary notes and prayers are posted well in advance - are of good quality - and the site features a well organized archive of past offerings. (Nov 04)
  • Lectionary Sermons from Rev. Alex Stevenson: Updated weekly for the pending time of preaching at Grace UMC. One of the helpful features of the site are the archived sermons from previous trips through the church year. Helps get the gray matter going. High quality. (Jul 00)
  • Lectionary Resources by Bill Loader: First thoughts on passages from the RCL Lectionary. Bill offers some initial reflections on the upcoming lectionary passages as an aid to people doing exegetical work. Good material from this Professor at Murdoch University, AU. Bill is working through and saving the entire lectionary cycle. (Jan 00)
  • Lector's Notes: Now with its own domain, this site by Greg Warnusz continues to grow and provide those proclaiming the Scripture readings with introductions to the readings and other resources to help you prepare for the upcoming Sunday. A complete three year archive is in place as well as a scriptural index making this a very useful site. (Dec 02)
  • Liturgies Online: Complete liturgical materials in advance as prepared by Rev. Dr Moira Laidlaw, a retired Minister of the Uniting Church in Australia. A Very Helpful Site. Moira writes: "I know how worship preparation shrinks due to the pressure of other tasks and so I am preparing these lectionary generated liturgies solely as an aid for ministers and worship leaders throughout churches." (Jan 00).
  • Midweek Oasis: Peggy, the webminister of "A Word For Today" is now posting midweek reflections on the RCL readings for the Upcoming Sunday on her site, as well as making them available via e-mail. The material is posted on Wednesday each week. (Mar 03)
  • Missional Reflections On The Lectionary Chris Lockley is a Mission Consultant in the Uniting Church in Australia, and prepares a weekly reflection to help stimulate preachers' missional leadership through their sermons. The reflections are available by Tuesday each week. (Dec 02)
  • Old Testament Lectionary: A page by Anna Grant-Henderson that presents the background and historical settings of the lectionary texts and offers insights into the text, its structure and its theology and suggests ways to present and use the text in worship. Well worth checking out. (Feb 04)
  • Old Testament Readings: Weekly Comments: The comments are the result of an engagement with the text by the writer, bearing in mind the historical and literary context of the readings, the other readings set for the week, the season in the Christian year, and events that are taking place around us. It is hoped that they will stimulate thought about the Old Testament readings, and encourage preachers to engage more deeply themselves with the Old Testament passages set each week. (Feb 04)
  • On The Patio - With Alex Thomas: Recently retired, Alex plans to share sermon ideas, stories, and other inspirational data on the upcoming weekly lections in the Revised Common Lectionary. Alex's sermon archive from his "St Philip's-By-The-Sea" sermon site is also found here - and he throw in a new sermon now and then from his sermon barrel. (Jun 02)
  • Past Sermons at Timothy ELCA: These archived sermons by Carla Thompson Powell are arranged by the Year of Lectionary and by Scripture and cover the three years of the RCL. While no longer being added to, the collection is sufficently complete to qualify as a form of 'rcl sermons in advance' site. An inclusive theology and strong preaching style make this a site worth checking out. (Mar 03)
  • Peace Connections: A lectionary based commentary by Thomas Garlitz that helps make the connection between the Sunday Readings and issues of peace and justice. These are being posted in html format. The complete three year archive of material by Thomas ( in Word or PDF format) is available for download through this site. (Mar 03)
  • Peter J Blackburn's RCL Sermons Entry way to Peter's collection of sermons, indexed in a variety of ways. Check the RCL index from this page or stay here for the scriptural index. Peter posts at least 24 hours in advance and has an extensive archive. Well worth a look see! (Oct 01)
  • Preachers Exchange: Reflections On Next Week's Scripture: from Fr. Jude Siciliano, O.P., posted on the Dominican Central website on Sunday for the following week. Roman Variant of the RCL. Please note that a Spanish Language Reflection titled "Homilias Dominicales" is also located at the above URL. The illustrated version of these resources also available at Preachers Exchange. Another excellent site, is the Real Audio Homily From The Dominican Conference Centre in River Forest, IL - but the homily is "after the fact" rather than in advance.
  • Preaching Peace: A new site with a set of reflections on the texts of the RCL (Year B) informed by a study of Rene Girard's 'mimetic theory' and the exegesis of Jeff Krantz and Michael Hardin. They look at the texts from a variety of directions, always keeping the task of preaching peace foremost in our minds. In addition, there are introductory articles on the gospel, and a glossary and index to help you use this resource. There is also a discussion forum you can become part of. (Nov 02)
  • Preaching The Lectionary: The McGregor Page: is a lectionary-based resource designed to provide a brief commentary and sermon-starting ideas for preachers. Written by United Methodist pastor Roland McGregor, it is posted a week in advance of the lectionary date. (Oct 98)
  • Preparing For Sunday: Creighton University's weekly guide for finding God in our everyday lives and preparing for Sunday's Liturgy. Each week's guide offers reflections on finding intimacy with God in the midst of our everyday, busy lives, throughout the week leading up to our Sunday celebration of God's love for us. Note that on each week's page there are several links related to the upcoming sunday. (Sep 01)
  • Reflections by Canon Richard Nolan: is a collection of sermons and addresses given by Dr. Nolan in educational and church settings. There is a fairly completely index for the three year cycle with more being added. (Jul 00)
  • Reflections of The Spirit: A daily devotional page based on each week's Lectionary verses as prepared by Gary Sims. The daily study provides points to contemplate and promises of the gospel. On Friday's the various passages are looked at "together". There is no archive yet, but there is a mailing list for those who want each day's reflections sent directly to them. (Jul 03)
  • Resources For The Revised Common Lectionary: A complete set of Sermons and Prayers by the Rev. Bruce Prewer for all three years of the Lectionary are to be found here. Bruce is from the Uniting Church of Australia. A recommended site. (Aug 03)
  • Roman Catholic Homilies For Sundays and Holy Days: A ministry of "Catholic Doors", maintained by Father Maurice Levesque, the site features sermons ahead of the RCL date and a complete archive. (Jun 00)
  • Sermon Archive of Rev. Ann Smith: Sermons are based on the readings from the Revised Common Lectionary. They are generally based on the Gospel for the week and are posted on Saturday morning. (Nov 00)
  • Sermon Archive of Rev. Dr. Laurence DeWolfe: A new site by the Minister of St. David's Presbyterian Church in Halifax and a Sessional Lecturer in Homiletics at Atlantic School of Theology, Laurence aims to post his RCL Sermons by Friday evening. (Mar 03)
  • Sermon Archive of Rev. Dr. Ross Bartlett: This page is the search page for the extensive lectionary based archive of Ross' excellent sermon materials. Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dr. Bartlett posts his current sermons by the weekend - but the site has on it a full lectionary cycle. Follow the search criteria to access it. (Apr 01)
  • Sermon Archive of Rev. Beth Quick: A small but rapidly growing archive of the three year cycle of the Lectionary - currently indexed by calendar date and the key scripture - but we are hopeful that the indexes for each year will soon be lectionary dated rather than calendar dated. (Oct 03)
  • Sermon Ideas 4U: Lectionary based sermons by Rev. Beth Johnston of the United Church of Canada. Posted Friday or Saturday before delivery. Also Beth is developing a comprehensive Archive arranged by the season of the church year which includes special and occasional sermons. Recommended (Mar 99)
  • Sermon Library: A collection of mostly lectionary sermons by Rev. David Leininger of First Presbyterian in Warren PA. Sermons posted by late Saturday evening. David also maintains a very useful scripturally indexed Sermon Library Archive page into which he places all his sermons after delivery. (Jul 00)
  • Sermon Nuggets: Brief observations on each of the RCL texts for the Upcoming Sunday from Lindy and Carolyn Black, part of their Sermon Fodder site, a collection of quips, quotes, humour, etc. for preaching. (Nov 02)
  • Sermons At Zion Lutheran: A new page by Rev. Roger Haugen. Roger promises to post by Thursday evening each week and has made a good start. Zion Evangelical Lutheran is located in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. (Feb 02)
  • Sermons by Rev. Ben Sharpe: A newly updated site that features RCL Sermons archived by Lectionary Year. Sermons are listed by lectionary date, title, and main RCL text used. Ben is a veteran of the Net and has many helpful materials on his orthovox site. (Mar 04)
  • Sermons By Jeeva Sam - Year A: a growing archive of sermons delivered at Rosemont United in Regina, Saskatchewan by the Rev. Jeeva Sam (Dec 04)
  • Sermons by Rev. Dr. Mickey Anders: Dating from early 1999 these mostly RCL Sermons preached at Pikeville First Christian Church in Kentucky are arranged by calendar date and the main text used. Now at a new domain name, Dr. Anders has most of the three year cycle covered and is continually adding to the collection. A scriptural index is linked to this page to make your search of the archives easier. Well worth the look. (Jun 04)
  • Sermons by Rev. Garth Wehrfritz-Hanson: Sermons are posted if at all possible by Thursday or Friday each week. An archive for each Year of the Lectionary Cycle is now available (with Year C in process).(Aug 01)
  • Sermons From Chalmers United: A sermon archive site indexed by lectionary date by Rev. Wayne Hilliker of Kingston, Ontario. A large number of lectionary dated sermons from the three year cycle and growing. While sermons are not posted each week, the archive is large enough to be useful most weeks of the year (Dec 01)
  • Sermons from Cottam United: The Rev. Kim Gilliland, formerly of The United Church of Espanola (with an extensive website) has moved and is beginning to prepare and post sermons from his new congregation. His former materials will become available in the relevant Year sections of our site as we recieve them. (May 05)
  • Sermons From First United: Lectionary based sermons by the Rev. David Martyn of Kelowna, B.C. The new sermons are generally posted by noon Saturday and there is also an extensive archive (back to 1995) of David's lectionary sermons. Well worth a look. (Nov 01)
  • Sermons From First United Methodist Church of Phoenix: Sermons from First UMC of Phoenix. They are mostly lectionary-based sermons and are posted most weeks (and archived over the three year cycle) by Friday mid-day. (Mar 04)
  • Sermons From Pastor Art Hebbeler: After four years this site from pastor in the Lutheran tradition has accumulated a complete cycle of lectionary sermons in html and pdf format. Sermons for the upcoming Sunday are generally posted by or on Thursday, and there are also seasonal sermons for Lenten mid-week services. You can look in previous years for sermon ideas for this year. (Nov 04)
  • Sermons From Seattle: One of the best new sermon sites to come along - e Rev. Ed Markquart presents his lectionary sermons, his seasonal sermons and his scripturally indexed sermons and sermon series in a clear and concise fashion. The cycle for Year C is being completed week by week and Years A and B will be posted and left on the site in due course. Definitely worth checking out. (Oct 04).
  • Sermons From The Pulpit of HCC: This link takes to you Ben Manning's archived sermons page which features the advance and archived sermons for a complete cycle of the lectionary preached at Heritage Christian Church. The advance sermon is usually posted by Wednesday. Note that there is also a Spanish Language Version available a bit later in the week. Ben has been posting sermons for several years now and his work is quite helpful. (Jan 04)
  • Sermons From The Rev. Mark Ferrier: Mark is another one of our United Church of Canada contributors to Net. Located in Westmeath Pastoral Charge in the Ottawa Valley, Mark generally follows the lectionary and posts his sermons in advance of the date of preaching. (May 99)
  • Sermons From The Study: of Dr. Keith Wagner of St. Paul's UCC in Sidney Ohio. Keith posts his sermons on Thursday, sometimes sooner. The site is indexed by date, scripture, and sermon title. A complete set of archived resources has been developed. (Nov 99)
  • Sermons From University Hill: Sermons by the Rev. Ed Searcy of the United Church of Canada in Vancouver, BC. Ed posts normally on the Friday preceeding Sunday. The page contains the current and previous 19 sermons, plus there is a searchable database over over 130 RCL sermons. (Oct 01)
  • Spirit Sightings: is a place to look for and celebrate the Spirit's working in the world and in our daily lives. Related to the new "Seasons of The Spirit" curriculm, click on the "Spirit Sighings" Tab for current events connections with the lectionary and session focus accompanied by discussion questions, suggested prayer responses and actions. (Aug 03)
  • Sunday's Gospel Reflections: Lectionary based reflections on the gospel from a Vietnamese study group. Generally in advance of date of delivery. (Jul 97)
  • Sunday Homilies by Fr. Munachi Ezeogu: Father Munachi is a Nigerian Catholic priest who updates his site by the mid-week preceding the date of preaching. There is also a mail notification option for new materials. Part of Munachi's Homepage of African Christian Inspiration (May 2000)
  • Text Studies: by Rev. Diedrik Nelson. These short studies (with reflections, and prayers) are posted at least two weeks before the date of preaching and remain online thereafter. Dan writes: "I prepare this study for a group of clergy and lay people who meet weekly to discuss the texts for the following Sunday. We have met for over 10 years and the study reflects the format we have come to. (Nov 02)
  • The Barrel: RCL sermons prepared in advance by Pastor John Pavelko of Crossroads PC in Walled Lake, MI. John's page and his sermons are very well laid out and will provide a good starting point for reflection. Usually posted by Friday noon (Aug 00)
  • The Billabong: The product of the Rev. Jeff Shrowder's translation efforts, the Psalm contributions are mostly set for responsive use in the worship, and often employ images and idioms of rural Australia. Additional lectionary-related prayers and/or reflections are also offered. Hymn suggestions for each Sunday of the RCL are another feature of the site, with the hymns drawn from the Australian Hymn Book/With one Voice, Sing Alleluia and Together in Song. Jeff is another one of our quality resources from an Uniting Church in Australia background. Also listed in our RCL Hymn Selection section. (Mar 02)
  • The Journey With Jesus: Each Saturday Dr. Daniel Clendenin posts a weekly essay on the Biblical lectionary for the week ahead. Currently Daniel's archive of essays includes a large number of non-lectionary materials, but as time progresses the lectionary related materials will come to dominate. Daniel's material is often illustrated with poetry and art, making his site a interesting place to check out. (Dec 04)
  • The Kitchen Sink: The Rev. Robert Kitchen presents his weekly bulletin teasers regarding one or more of the RCL readings in an archive that reachs back to Christmas Year B and which continues onward - a day or two in advance for the forseeable future. (Mar 01)
  • The Protestant Hour/Day 1: The main page contains the current week's sermon and a link to the Sermon Library where there are over 7 years worth of (mostly) lectionary based sermons organized by calendar date. This ecumenically sponsored ministry seeks to present the works of a large number of preachers "proclaiming a warm, intelligent gospel". (Feb 03)
  • The Rock: Weekly messages and worship resources by Pete Haynes, a Church of the Brethren pastor. Sermon usually posted on Friday, with service online by mid-week. Extensively indexed archives (and a large number of sermons). (Jan 02)
  • The Text This Week: Resources for students, teachers, and preachers of the RCL by Jenee Woodard, this new site attempts to provide comprehensive study and worship material related to each text for the upcoming Sunday, including historical and contemporary references to the specific texts from resources like the "Church Fathers". (Dec 98)
  • The Weekly Homily of Fr. Daniel Meynen: Sign up to recieve the homily in advance by e-mail (by Wednesday) and check the sermon archives on the site for all three years of the (Roman) RCL. Fr. Daniel is one of the first net ministers. (Nov 99)
  • This Sunday's Message: Lectionary sermons by Father George Griffin of the Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Mount Vernon., Virginia. Posted by Thursday. (Jun 00)
  • This Weaks' Hermeneutic by Revs. Dawn and Joseph Weaks, two Disciples of Christ pastors. The material is posted by Tuesday and includes commentary, reflections, and sermons on the Revised Common Lectionary readings Previous offerings now archived (Dec 00)
  • This Weekend: Weekly Spiritual Reflections: by Father Patrick Umberger, now of Holy Family Parish. These are posted Sunday for the coming week. Check as well the questions in "This Weekend's Readings". A well developed and well used site. (Aug 00)
  • Tim Zingale's Illustrations and Sermons: Tim has a new sermon for each Sunday posted on the previous Monday along with sermon illustrations and other helps. Tim is also archiving his material online. (Nov 02)
  • Weekly Sermon From Chris Heath : A long standing page, now at new domain, featuring a weekly lectionary sermon from Chris Heath of the Anglican Church of Australia. Posted early in the week. Chris now has a lectionary indexed sermon archive page along with other helpful indexes and pages. Recommended. (Apr 02)
  • Wellsprings: The gateway to a site that provides many good resources, chief amongst are reflections on the lectionary passages for the coming Sunday arranged from the main page by Season - generally several weeks in advance. (May 01)
  • Word-Sunday: A Catholic Resource For The Lectionary. This site includes an Adult Study and Children's Story as well as a Family Activity and links to various resources week by week. Larry Broding posts several days in advance and maintains a complete archive. Very helpful. (Apr 00)
  • West Shore Sermon and Worship Page: Now at a new site, the Rev. Harold McNabb of West Shore Presbyterian Church in Victoria, British Columbia posts sermons each week by late Thursday or Friday afternoon. Harold has a long term pastorate and has begun to build a full archive of his lectionary based sermons. (Feb 04)
  • Word of God Hour: This resource was developed by Fr. John Mole, O.M.I., to help afolk prepare for the coming Sunday's readings. A full three year cycle is gathered together in which a theme is presented that is particular to the given Sunday or Feast-Day and then is related to each each of the three readings. (Aug 99)
  • Worship and Preaching: Excellent weekly resources from David Beswick, a Uniting Church clergy person in Wesburn, Australia. Recommended for liturgical material as well as sermons. David has a wonderful full three year archive that will help meet your needs whenever you go to this site (Oct 01)
  • Worship That Works: Selected Sermons: Lectionary Based Resource posted in advance of the date of delivery.

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